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Shandong Energy Group held the party's construction work meeting to emphasize the high -quality development of high -quality party building in high -quality party building

Author: Kong Bin Xue Rui  Zhang Yu Min Lingwen    Release Date: December 06, 2023

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This website News   On the morning of December 6,The construction of the party of Shandong Energy Group will be held at the July Five Coal Industry of the Jujube Mine Group。Meeting in -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important ideological exposition on the party's construction of the party,Implement nationwide、Organizational Working Meeting of the Provincial Provincial Organization、Publicity, ideological and cultural work conference Betting on Euro 2024spirit,Betting on Euro 2024Research and deployment of party building tasks in the future。Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei attended the meeting and speak。

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Meeting to point out,Since the joint reorganization,Party organizations at all levels of Shandong Energy Group adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Careful implementation,Unity of party members and cadres in response to the development trend、Leading overcome difficulties,The party's leadership is stronger and stronger、The party building system is more complete and perfect、Propaganda and education is more deeply rooted in people's hearts、The battle fortress is more solid and firm、Talent strong enterprises are more effective、Positive Feng Su Ji is more normal and long -term。Opportunity to study and implement Xi Jinping's theme of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era,With a new round of state -owned state -owned enterprises' reform deepening and promotion actions as the starting point,Deep understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important ideas on party building、Rich connotation,Important expositions of party building European Cup football 2024 European Cup Live Bettingresultsof state -owned enterprises,Adhere to the party's leadership、Strengthen the party's construction,Create a propaganda matrix、Playing the development strong sound,Promoting reform with party building、Reform the strong party building。

Li Wei pointed out,Organizations at all levels must focus on the overall situation of the center,Putting the party's political construction in the first place,Adhere to the party's leadership of state -owned enterprises,Continue to improve the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics,Realize new improvements in adhering to the party's leadership。To gather the heart to cast the soul to promote "positive energy"、Juli brand construction sings "main theme"、Gathering fusion improves "main tone",Make sure "a group、A sound ",Realize new improvements in highlighting the guidance of ideas. Grasp the basic organization construction,Basic team building,Construction of Basic Systemimprove standardization, standardization, process level,A new improvement is achieved on the basis of building the grassroots level.To choose the correct selection of people and employer,Deepen the capacity building of the cadre Euro 2024 qualifying resultsteam,Inspiring the cadre team as the role of,Let Euro 2024 qualifying resultsthe "lying flat" cadre unable to lie,new improvement in cadre selection management.Keep high -pressure anti -corruption trend,Accelerate the construction of the overall supervision,Increase integrity education,Promoting "Three Nothing Rotten" at the same time、Exercise in the same direction、Comprehensive force,Realize new improvements in the construction of party style and clean government。Pay attention to talent work to stimulate all employees、Promotion of Heart Warm Project Promotion Co -Construction Sharing、Decrease control increases to ensure harmony and stability,Improve the happiness of employees and masses、Get sense,Realize new improvements in convergence of development.

Li Wei emphasized,The more complicated the situation、Heavier tasks,The more we must persist in doing a good job of party building as the greatest political achievement,Strong Leaders、Responsibility、Strict assessment,Effectively give play to the political core of party organizations、Battle Fortress of the Party Branch、Pioneer of party members,Realize the two hands of party building and development、Betting on Euro 2024Two Promotion、Two improvements。 Euro 2024 qualifying resultsTo carry political responsibility,Persist in responsibility orientation,Constructing Qi Grabbing and Common Tube、The work pattern of each office。To persist in problem orientation,Build a comprehensive progress、Comprehensive and excellent working mechanism。To persist on the result orientation,Construct a rigid execution、Working system for strict assessment,Give full play to the "command stick" role of party building assessment,Improve and perfect the "Three Bases and Three -dimensional Five Evaluation" mechanism,Evaluation of the responsibility system of party building work with practical party building,Increase the care and cultivation of party officials,Create a composite cadre team,To better promote the responsibility of governing the party and the in -depth integration of the responsibility of governing the enterprise,Leading the guarantee of high -quality development with high -quality party building。

Representative speech

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will be on it,Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Supervisor Jiao Qisheng conveyed nationwide、The spirit of the Provincial Organization Working Conference Euro 2024 qualifying resultsand Publicity and Ideological Culture Work Conference。Standing Committee Member Euro 2024 qualifying resultsof the Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Liu Jian read the notice of the chief technician of Shandong Energy Group、The list of the second high -skilled talent innovation studio、Shandong Province "Skills Xinglu" Vocational Skills Contest winner and advanced collective commendation notice。The leaders of the meeting were the first batch of chief technicians in Shandong Province、The first place and an excellent contractor for the "Skills Xinglu" vocational skills contest in Shandong Province in 2023、The second high -skilled talent innovation studio representative awards awards。Yankuang Energy Party Committee、Northwest Mining Party Committee、The Party Committee of Jujube Mine Group、Xinjiang Nenghua Party Committee、Luxi Mining Discipline Inspection Commission、New Mine Group Supply and Marketing Company, Yanxin Party Branch、Representatives of commendations are exchanged for experience。

Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Deputy General Manager Zhang Ruoxiang presided over the meeting,and put forward requirements for the implementation of the conference spirit。

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Betting on Euro 2024Before the meeting,Participants observed the construction achievement exhibition of the Shandong Energy Betting on Euro 2024Group Party、Technical and Skill Talent Achievements Exhibition and Jujube Mine Group "Three Bases、One Center,Detailed understanding of the excellent results of the party building of each unit、Employee Innovation and Creative Effective Technical Achievements。

The meeting was held in the form of video。Yang Zaichang, Financial Director of Shandong Energy Group,executive Wu Qianqian、Xu Xichao,Deputy Chief (senior technical expert),The person in charge of the department (center) of the headquarters authority,Secretary of the Party Committee of the second -level company in the province、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee,Deputy Secretary of the full -time party committee of the second -level company outside the province,The award -winning representative attended the meeting at the main venue。