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Shandong Energy Group's theoretical learning center group (expanded) for collective learning

Author: Li Jing Feng Jinlei  Release Date: February 21, 2024  Source: 2024 EUROPEAN Cup Live Betting


This website News  This Betting on Euro 2024website News February 21,Shandong Energy Group's theoretical learning center group (expanded) for collective learning。In -depth Learning and List of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on deepening the reform of state -owned enterprises、The spirit of speech at the eleventh collective study meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,Learn to implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideological theme education summary conference spirit。Learn to convey the province's high -quality development meeting of state -owned enterprises in the province、The spirit of high -level openness and high -quality Euro 2024 qualifying resultsinvestment European Cup football resultspromotion conference in the province,Learn and implement the "Solid Class" activity of the Provincial Security Committee Office、Notice of Strengthening the Safety Prevention Work of Repeating and Re -production ",Research and deployment and implementation opinion。Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei presided over the meeting and spoke。


Meeting to point out,The spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series,It has strong political nature、targeted、Guidance,Accelerate the development of new quality product for Shandong energy、Promoting high Euro 2024 qualifying results-quality 2024 European Cup Live Bettingdevelopment solidly、Deepening theme education provides a fundamental follow。Shandong Provincial Party Committee、The Provincial Government High Specifications Hold the Provincial State -owned Enterprise High -quality Development Conference、The province's high -level openness and high -quality Euro 2024 qualifying resultsinvestment promotion conference,Direction for corporate reform and development。As an important backbone company in the province,Organizations at all levels of Shandong Energy Group must study and implement it carefully,Clear work thinking,Strengthen organizational leadership,Refined work measures,Ensure that Shandong Energy Group is in line Betting on Euro 2024at the provincial management enterprise 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancestation、Fighting first -class。

Conference emphasized,The spirit of the relevant meeting of the province must be implemented,Accelerate the preparatory group reform and development promotion meeting、Three system reform meetings、Party style and clean government construction meeting、Letters and visits Stable Work Conference,Optimize development ideas,Promote the high -quality development of enterprises。To accelerate the development of new quality productivity,Accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements,Leading development with innovation,Construction Euro 2024 qualifying resultsof a modern industrial system。2024 European Cup Live BettingIt is necessary to coordinate to promote deepening company governance reform、Human resources reform and other tasks。To strengthen production safety management,Improve various security precautions,Make sure it is not safe and not produced。We must strictly adhere to the environmental protection red line without cross -border,The implementation of the rectification of the feedback of the provincial ecological environmental protection inspector as the starting point,Registration rectification of the stock environmental protection issues、Comprehensive clearing zero。To enhance the ideological consciousness of management 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancepersonnel at all Euro 2024 qualifying resultslevels,Correspondence with the responsibility for the stability of the petition。

Member of the leadership team of Shandong Energy Group,Ministry Office、The main person in charge of the center participates in learning。