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Xinjiang Energy: carefully cultivated "Little Bai Yang" to promote young talents

Author: Li Chao  Release Date: February 05, 2024

In the construction and development of Xinjiang base,Young employees play an important role。Xinjiang can always adhere to "serving youth、young talent training concepts who promote youth growth ",Create "Little Bai Yang" youth growth brand,Do a good job of "cultivating soil", "watering", "fertilization", "medicine", "whole pruning" work in the growth process of "Xiaobai Poplar",Cultivated "Little Bai Yang" to grow into talents。

2024 European Cup Betting EntranceEarth cultivation: Carefully care for the growth of "Little Bai Yang"

Youth Building Dreams at the time,It does not bear Shaohua and lives not。Xinjiang can be carried out "Why come to Xinjiang,What to do in Xinjiang,What to leave from Xinjiang European Cup football results"Entrepreneurship Education,Let the young employees think about it to Xinjiang、Emotional melody、Life in life。Carry out the "Fusion · Caring" action for newly -enrolled college students,Play basketball games、Symposium and other series of activities,Promote college students to complete the role change as soon as possible,Service Enterprise Development。

Xinjiang Nenghua insists on "Lesson 1" for new employees every year,Invite professionals in the company's departments to teach career planning and relevant regulations for company talent training、Enterprise Overview and Corporate Culture、salary and employee benefits、Smart Mine Construction and other content,Help new college students fully understand the company。Invite old employees、Old cadres、Old model tells entrepreneurial stories,Enterprise from scratch,From small to big,From the deserted unmanned to the construction of the "one city",Encourage young workers to cherish the platform,Taking root border、Entrepreneurs struggle。​​Breeding fertile soil,Against the ideological identity of "Xiaobai Popular"、Emotional identity and value identity,Let them take root in the frontier,During the construction and development of Xinjiang base,。

Watering: Moisture "Little White Popular" heartfield with heart

During 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancethe growth process,"Little Bai Yang" will also have troubles。The company's Youth League Committee understands what youth thinks in time、I worry about it,Merysway to do practical things for youth、Difficult things,Moisture "Little Bai Yang" heartfield with heart。

Qingfeng Xulai,Encounter heart movement。November 6 last year,Yili No. 1 Mine and a number of local units organize the "Youth Enjoyment · Walk with you" youth friendship activity,Dozens of single men and women youths go to the romantic appointment,Platform for expanding youth dating and friendship。

Xinjiang can pay close attention to the actual needs of youth to establish a single youth database,Relying on the "Red Mother Award" mechanism by relying on the union organization,part -time matchmaker one -on -one for single youth matchmaking。Joint resident enterprises and institutions organize youth friendship dating activities,Help young employees expand the "circle of friends",Get friendship、Get happiness。

Push over time,Children of young employees family children enroll、Medical,and other issues of various types of problems constantly emerging,Xinjiang can always play the role of a bridge,Help employees solve the "care of the care",Let young employees work with peace of mind。

Fertilization: Essence to improve the comprehensive quality of "Little Bai Yang"

"Little Bai Yang" has knowledge、Energy,But lack of work experience。This requires the company to "fertilize" for their growth,Help "Little Bai Yang" thrive、Comprehensive development。

Xinjiang can be based on the principle of "what to make up for young employees",Multiple measures,Precise supplementation of youth workers' shortcomings。Continue to deepen the "Little Bai Yang" youth growth brand,Forms the two mentors of "project+" and "relay belt" with apprentices。Through the instructor with apprentices,Give full play to the "pass、Help、Belt "function,Strengthen "one -to -one" assistance,Create a teacher and apprenticeship mode as an important way to cultivate young talents,Raise business in business、Skills training and other aspects achieved obvious results。

Establish "Xiaobai Popular" Maker Center,Select Outstanding Young Reserve Talents,Hire senior professional titles technicians in the company to settle in as a gardening artist,Provide technical support for the Macro Center,Safety production around mine、Disaster treatment、System optimization and other topic research。Since its establishment,Cumulative implementation of more than 300 items,Provide technical support for enterprise development。

Xinjiang can also carry 2024 European Cup Live Bettingout the "Two Reds and Two Excellent" selection,The second "Xiaobai Popular" Most Beautiful Youth Award Selection,19 collectively received commendation at all levels。69 young employees participated in the "All -member Innovation,Methods to advance "employee innovation method promotion and application activities,Actively form 23 innovative demonstration teams,Five innovative projects successfully won the good results of the "one bronze and four excellent" in Xinjiang Division in the National Innovation Method Contest。

30 outstanding innovation achievements and excellent and rationalization of employees to win awards in Energy Group。219 young employees participated in the 5th employee skills contest,Complete 18 work competitions,Effectively stimulates the majority of young employees to study and research technology business,Enthusiastic enthusiasm for the ability of the job。

Carry out 100 tackling tasks for key projects。Formed 30 youth commando,Formulate more than 100 tackling tasks。Comprehensive Type No. 4 open -air ore open -air ore、800,000 tons/coal -to -olefin projects and other major projects and key projects,Provide youth support for the high -quality development of Xinjiang base in all aspects。

Drug: Carefully prevent "Little Bai Yang" ideological behavior bias

"Little Bai Yang" during the growth process,Environment、Cognition European Cup football resultsand other influences,The development trend of "diversification" in thought,Prevention by taking medicine、Correct the "Xiaobai Popular" ideological behavior bias,Help it remove the "weeds"。

Xinjiang can use the theme group day、Lesson Development Lesson Study and Implement Xi Jinping's theme of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era。Learn 32 games,Covering more than 1,200 youths。Leading youths to keep listening to the party number、Struggle with the party。

Carry out "Two Trees、Two maintenance "situation Taste education。Establish "Little Bai Yang" Youth Preaching Group,Deep in the well mouth、Working Area、The team carried out 60 sessions,More than 3,000 people。Focus on task target,Layer "What to look at、What to do、How to do "Discuss more than 60 times,League members youth know the situation、Ming Mission、Strong as,A comprehensive decisive battle for the full year of the year with a hard -working gesture。

Formulate the Implementation Plan for the "" Little Bai Yang Growth Growth Cultivation Plan ",Strengthening the use of young talents。Actively carry out the publicity and promotion of typical young people,Created a strong atmosphere that is better than learning。

Specifications: Delivery "Little Bai Yang" forgiveness and aggressive

Cultivated European Cup football resultssoil、Watering、Fertilization、Drug,"Little Bai Yang" gradually grew up。At this time,Surgery and leaves need to be trimmed in time、Correction,Help young employees become useful talents。

Carry out "Little Bai Yang" growth planning consultation activity。hire company professional leaders、retired veteran cadres、Party workers with experience experience experience of youth、Human Resource Planners, etc. For consulting experts,Different majors for youths、Special Long、Personality, etc.,Help them carry out career development plan,Establish the correct professional values,Regular、Incentive development of youth development consultation lectures、Direct consulting service,Help youth planning career development,Solve the workplace confusion。

Xinjiang can be able to cultivate "politics excessive for Xinjiang base、"Future Leaders and Building"。Implementing "Little Bai Yang" youth growth into talent training plan,Construction of "Little Bai Yang" Youth Capital Center and Modeling Innovation Studio,Practicing popular training、Professional training、Elite Training Plan,unblocked position、Title、Three development paths of professional skills,Fully cultivate young employees in each position,Let them show their talents on their respective promotion and development paths。

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