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Xinyi Coal Mine: I sincerely win employee satisfaction

Author: Zhang Xing  Release Date: February 05, 2024

Luxin Mining Xinyi Coal Mine always regards employees as a starting point and end point for all jobs,Guided by employee needs,Comprehensively build "refined", "high efficiency", "normalization" long -term service mechanism,Constantly improving service quality,Win employee satisfaction with sincerity。

2024 European Cup Betting Entrance

(Fresh fruit special service area)

2024 European Cup Betting Entrance"Refined" service employees

"Fresh fruit special service area is officially opened,Welcome everyone to buy and taste。"The message published by Ji Kunqi, a mining cafeteria administrator,,attracted the majority of employees。

The mining employee restaurant launched the "Fresh Fruit Special Service Area",carefully selected Apple、Durian、Mango、Grape、Blueberry、Orange、Strawberries and more than 20 hot -selling fruits,Not only guarantees quality and freshness,and all sells at the purchase price,Meet the taste requirements of different employees,Let everyone taste high -quality fruits after work。

At the same time,The restaurant of the mining employee focuses on rich breakfast、Chinese food and dinner tricks,Linyi Soup、Boiled meat slices、Big Goose Stewed bamboo shoots、sauerkraut fish、New Yicai Biscuits and other specialty foods European Cup football resultsmake employees full of mouth。As of now,Employee restaurants have launched more than 20 new dishes,Winning the unanimous praise of the majority of cadres and employees。

2024 European Cup Betting Entrance

(Carry out "Winter Winter Warm" activity)

"Efficiency" cares about employees

In the face of cold winter rain and snow weather,The employee of the mining union service is not reduced,Organize female workers coordinating officers to carry out a series of condolences such as "Winter Solstice Blessing", "Sending Warm Winter Warm", "Laba Ping An 'Porridge",Cares the warmth of employees with efficient service。 

They also take the standardization management of "two halls and one house" as the people's livelihood project to enhance the happiness of employees,Lead by the mining union leads the organization of various workshops to carry out regular dishes inspection and employee restaurant satisfaction evaluation scoring,Monthly go to Betting on Euro 2024the district team to understand the opinions and suggestions of employees' services,Track rectification on the problems of logistics services,Urges the "two halls and one house" to improve and improve service quality。

2024 European Cup Betting Entrance

(Free key for employees)

In order to provide employees with more efficient services,The mining union relies on the "warm home group", "level eight wise talks", "employee demand code, and code on the code" service platform,Channel that unblocked employees expressing needs,Receive disposal as soon as possible,Normalization help employees change lamps、Repair air conditioner、Change lock、Keep key, etc.,and strictly fulfill the feedback system of the closed -loop sales number,It really is very satisfied with the employee with 100 % efforts。

"Since 2023,Mineral Union co -disposal employees report more than 200 problems,Think of what employees want、Urgent employees,2024 European Cup Betting EntranceCracking the difficulties of employees with actual actions、Suspected points、Pain,Effectively play the role of the bridge and link of the "Mother's Family",High recognition of cadres and employees。"Vice Chairman of the Mining Union、Introduction。

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(Employee measures blood pressure before the job)

"Normalization" to care for employees

"Drop ... drop ... drop ... high pressure 122,Low pressure 80,Normal heart rate,Good physical condition,No abnormal。”

"High sensitivity and accuracy of this arm -type electronic sphygmomanometer,You can operate yourself,Special convenient。"Jiang Guoli, an employee in the mine excavation area, introduced to workers。

To facilitate the daily blood pressure detection of employees,better protect your health,The Logistics Service Center of this mine has distributed the latest electronic sphygmomanometer for the 13 departments of the whole mine,Explanation 2024 European Cup Live Bettingof medical staff on -site,Demonstration measurement method,Explain Note,Make sure everyone can use it correctly。Employee blood pressure through measurement、pulse and other data,Detailed investigation is not assured person,Evaluate the health status of employees before post,Let employees with poor physical condition be rest and treat,Care for physical and mental health。

At the same time,The mining medical office also established a health file for each employee,Divided into key groups according to the age group and engaged in the work of the work、The general population、Special crowd,Do one person and one gear、Complete information、Information accurate。After health diagnosis and treatment、Checking、Consultation and subsequent health monitoring archives sorting and summarizing,Timely discover the health problems of employees and take corresponding measures,European Cup football resultssupporting "Healthy Umbrella" for everyone。

"Let the employees eat with confidence、Live comfortable、Wash warm heart、Work peace of mind is always attached great importance to our union、firmly unswervingly do a good job。"Deputy Secretary of the Mining Party Committee、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Li Bing, chairman of the trade union, said,"Next step,We will visit the survey、Questionnaire survey、Employee representative inspection series measures,Understand what employees think、I want to、I hope,Do practical things with sincerity,Let the employees run head,Enjoy the development of the company's development bonus。”

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