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Baojian Coal Mine: "10+N" people's livelihood practical work 10 points patient and careful

Author: Chen Yuchao  Release Date: February 06, 2024

Euro 2024 qualifying results

"Since the gym built on the mine,I will come here when I have time to get off work。I just love sports,Now the equipment is complete here,Running on a treadmill,Exercise and feel happy,It's so convenient! "

Entering Baojia Coal Mine Employee Fitness Center,The venue is spacious and bright,Treadmill、Oval machine、Meridity Back Ship Row、Comprehensive trainer、Dynamic bicycles ... All kinds of fitness equipment are all available。Fitness enthusiasts who come to exercise are full of interest,I like such a place for fitness exercise after work。

The completion of the center is enabled,It is a vivid epitome of the ten people's livelihood in 2024。At the Fifth Workers' Congress of the Eleventh Session,The mine proposes to carry out the quality of the life of employees in the new year,Fully promote the "Ten people's livelihood",Including the renovation gym,Meet the needs of employees' fitness; build the "Kangmei Service Station",Install a massage chair at the staff bathhouse,Configure health detection all -in -one machine,Provide warm -hearted volunteer haircut service,Help employees release pressure、Soothing 2024 European Cup Live Bettingthe body and mind; repair the bathhouse outside the mine,Meet the bathing needs of retired employees and families of employees; build an electric bicycle charging shed,The status quo of the difficulty of electric vehicle charging, etc.。

"Ten people's livelihood,The range covered is very wide、Very grounded,Let me feel where my work value is。Happiness is actually very simple,Just busy gain、Leisure,Life is full、Practical in my heart。"production preparation workers can be sent out with feelings and far away。

Euro 2024 qualifying results

Actually,Not only the ten practical things 2024 European Cup Live Bettingmentioned above,The mine also implemented welfare policies such as "employee birthday leave" at the beginning of this year,Make employees more decent work、Happy Life。Deepen "Code" Minsheng Service Platform,Let the data more run away,Let employees run less legs,Timely respond to employee demands; various cultural and sports activities of normalized organizations,Continuously meet the spiritual needs of employees and masses; extensively developed the first tree excellent、Honorary Nourishing and other activities,Continue to improve the sense of belonging and pride of European Cup football resultsemployees。Creation formed a "10+n" to do a practical mode for employees,Continuously enrich the connotation of doing practical things for employees,Establish an actual mechanism for the actual manager。

For a long time,The mine always uses the voices of the masses as the first signal,Take the needs of the masses as the first choice,Focus on the problem of "urgency and sorrow" of employees and masses,Carry out the work "I do practical things for employees",Solve the difficulties of the grassroots with heart with heart、Bad things of the masses,Getting staged results。"I do practical things for employees",Euro 2024 qualifying resultsNot just a slogan,It is a solemn commitment。These pragmatic and efficient measures to benefit the people,precise response to the expectations and needs of the staff and the masses,further enhance the happiness index of employees and masses,Makes the livelihood background of the mining people's livelihood brighter、more colorful。

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