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Zhai Zhen Coal Mine: Spring Festival "Cultural Meal" is full of happiness of employees and masses

  Liu Yuling    Release Date: February 08, 2024

The New Year Festival is approaching,New Mine Group Zhai Zhen Coal Mine launched a series of "cultural meals",Carrying out "My Safe My Year" Spring Festival Federation for Blessing、"Jingkou Euro 2024 qualifying results2024 European Cup Live BettingWarm Heart" blessing to send the front line、"Love Home" Volunteer Service and other colorful activities,Create joy and peace in the entire mine、Civilization upward、The strong festive atmosphere of peace and health。

"Carry out colorful mass cultural activities,Meeting the ‘mental taste bud’,Makes the taste of the year stronger,The security atmosphere is stronger,The sense of security of employees and masses、Happiness can be higher。"Gao Nan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhai Zhen Coal Mine said。

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(Volunteers and children of the mine organization enter the workshop to send Chun Lianfu)

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"Spring Festival Federation" activity is one of the cultural Betting on Euro 2024specialty activities Euro 2024 qualifying resultsof employees,This mine solicited "Safe Spring Festival couplets", "Model Model Spring Festival couplets", "Celebrity Spring Federation" for all employees,and organize mine calligraphy enthusiasts to write。

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(Calligraphy enthusiasts pour ink to write the Spring Festival couplet on the spot)

"Safety production year is good,Employee life is high step by step "" rigidity and aggregation force,Insufficient security in accordance with the law "and other" customized spring couplets "are cheering for safe production;,Wuzhou Nanfu Qing New Year "" "Every year, the whole family portrait,Faid Spring Federation of Festive Spring Federation Wishes a Blessing Life,More than 500 Spring Festival couplets are given to the district team by volunteers of Euro 2024 qualifying results2024 European Cup Live Betting"New Mine"、Workshop Betting on Euro 2024and employees,and go to the community model family、Patching for entrepreneurial families,Makes "year flavor" thicker。

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(Volunteers and children of employees send red apples for front -line employees)

Innokou warm heart, build the "safe year of safety"

At noon on February 6,At the waiting room of Jingkou,"New Mine Heart" Volunteer、Safety Coordinator、Employee's family members and children are busy and washed all 400 pounds of apples.、dry、Packing,Sending the red apple of Pingxian and auspiciousness for every employee of the upper and lower wells,and send New Year's Blessings and Security Tips。Starter employees take "Ping An Fruit",One after another said that the safety strings are tightened at a certain time,Guard yourself and workers' safety。

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(Volunteers 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancesend the Spring Festival Federation Fortune Words for front -line employees)

Daily,Safety coordinator also sent hot tea hot soup to Jingkou,And sewing the first -tier workers' sewing buckle,Wake up the safety responsibility of employees with affection。The mine also carried out special activities such as "Jingkou Detective", "Jingkou Small Theater", "Spring Festival," Ritual "blessing.,Send a "safe meal" in front of the taste to the employee,Create a strong security and cultural atmosphere。

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(Volunteers are old -fashioned family love psychology)

Volunteer service warm, guard the masses "Happy Year"

Among the old workers,"New Mine Heart" Volunteer Zhao Yanfeng is having a haircut for Du,82 -year -old Lao Lao Model Du Xingdong is sitting next 2024 European Cup Betting Betting on Euro 2024Entranceto,Look at the new hairstyle of my wife,He raised his hands,Laughing and said, "I'll give you two thumbs brothers,Good -looking and beautiful! "This scene has a harmonious picture infected with volunteers present。

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(Volunteers sprinkle and clean up for the elderly living alone for the community)

For Lao Lao Model、Community Living alone、Elderly elderly people carry out the "love -door" volunteer service activity of the Spring Festival,It is the "love habit" that the mining union has insisted on many years。This mine is full of difficult employees、Living alone、Elderly elderly and entrepreneurial family conditions and needs,Movement of multiple volunteer service teams spread out to carry out "love -door" volunteer service activities。The Love Housekeeping Group is rubbing glass 2024 European Cup Live Bettingfor the elderly、Clean Euro 2024 qualifying resultsup the range hood、Cleaning the courtyard and other services; the love health group conducts a health check -up for the old model and elderly elderly people、Love psychological hair,and issue a love card,To be called on the call; the love counseling team to carry out the "love custody" service of the winter vacation,Consultation assignment by volunteers for children of employees,Press a handmade classroom、Reading Sharing Class and other activities,Help employees to solve worries,Investment in safe production。

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