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Nantun Coal Mine: Proposal implementation 100% happiness index "+100"

Author: Zhang Nannan  Release Date: February 20, 2024

Urgent of Employees and Crusades,The trapped of the masses of workers。Nantun Coal Mine always adheres to the things around the employees and the masses of employees.,Solve the "annoying things" of employees and masses,Try the truth as "warm heart",Efforts to improve the sense of gain and satisfaction of employees and masses,Entering the hearts of the employees and the masses。

Euro 2024 qualifying results

European Cup football results

A response to the collected 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceemployee representative proposal one by one; proposal for the opposing case,2024 European Cup Betting EntranceHold a special meeting,Implement responsibility、Formulate measures and rectification plans,Solving the time limit,Really achieved the proposal of the professional council "Echo,Pieces are implemented "...

The mine attaches great importance to the proposal of 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceemployee representatives,Implementing the proposal "mention、Li、Office、Supervisor、Comment "Full Process Closed -loop management mode,From the solicitation proposal to the implementation process,Scientific Plan、Pay attention to implementation,I really want to think about what employees want、Urgent employees、Difficulty in the discharge of workers,Effective proposal into the employee's heart。

"To establish a sound proposal solicitation、File mechanism,High standard、Strictly require continuous follow -up supervision,Further improve the quality of the proposal,Let more employees feel the convenience and benefits brought by the implementation of the proposal。"Deputy Secretary Euro 2024 qualifying resultsof the Mining Party Committee、Secretary of the Discipline Euro 2024 qualifying resultsInspection Commission、Chairman Yin Xuejun said。

For the collection and processing of proposal,The mine is based on "union collection、All members participate、Professional argument、Party and Government Implementation "This principle,Effectively start from the grass -roots level actual departure,The problem of "urgency and worrying" in the solution to the employees and the masses、Seeking breakthroughs in the results of sharing ore transformation and development,Carefully create "Four Platforms",Greed up employees' demand expression channels,Turn "Waiting for Employees" to change "Active Listen to Opinions"。Proposal for the collected representative,From Plan、Measures、Fund investment in supervision、Check、Acceptance and other links strictly controlled,Provide a powerful guarantee for the comprehensive implementation of the proposal of the 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceemployee representative。At the same time,Organizational employee representatives pass the discussion、Check 2024 European Cup Live Bettingthe information、On -site viewing and other forms,Inspection and inspection Betting on Euro 2024of the implementation of the proposal,Fundamentally ensured the implementation of the proposal to be successfully carried out。

Euro 2024 qualifying results

"endorsement" for employees for development

"With Zoucheng No. 2 Middle School moved to northern Zoucheng,Partially driven employees' residence changes,Shopping at work at work,There are problems with inconvenient riding,I hope it can be appropriately optimized to adjust the station station to stop the route。"At the beginning of the year,After receiving the proposal in the logistics service,The mine immediately organizes relevant units and representatives of 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceemployee representatives to hold a face -to -face exchange meeting,Communication understands the distribution of car ride -by -line bus、Standing site、Route optimization and other status quo,combined with the actual optimization of the mine and adjusted the bus route and stopped site,Improving the satisfaction and happiness of employees。

Always,This mine adheres to the "people -oriented" development concept,Pay 2024 European Cup Live Bettingattention to maintaining the right to know the people and the masses、European Cup football resultsParticipate right、The right to express and supervise,Carry out the inspection of 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceemployee representatives through normalization、Reasonable recommendations to collect and emotional exchange meeting of employees,Grasp the needs of employees for the first time,Solve employee demands as soon as possible,For the high -quality development of the mine、Culture Energy。

Replacement aging for high -rise apartments、Damage facilities; add new insulation equipment in Chinese food at Jingkou class,Add buffet、Box lunch; conduct a comprehensive renovation of employee restaurants,Improve employee dining environment ... 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceemployee representatives from 25 grass -roots trade unions organized democratic assessment of the proposal in a non -reputation manner,Evaluation satisfaction rate is 100%。

"The proposal I reported to the job on behalf of the post was adopted,It is also very satisfied with implementation。I will continue to fulfill their duties in the future,endorsement to safeguard 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancethe interests of employees and masses,Promoting and suggestions for the high -quality development of the mine。2024 European Cup Betting Entrance"2024 European Cup Betting Entranceemployee representative Wang Yupeng said。

Euro 2024 qualifying results

Huimin practical facts to do the "addition" happiness index rose

"Parking on the mine is customized management,Bicycle、Electric car、The car has its own area,It does not affect each other,Parking specifications and safe。”

"The bathhouse added after the continuous long chair,After taking a shower, take a break and take a break,That Shu Tan in my heart,Happiness rose! "

Promotion of each proposal,Employees and masses are the biggest beneficiaries。Small to replace the door signs、Increase labor protection supplies,Big to repair office environment、Establish an innovative and creative base base,True to "do practical things for employees、Do good deeds、Difficult things "。At the same time,Through a piece of "heart -warming" real thing,Effectively promote the proposal work to continuously use the public opinion to reflect the public opinion、Promoting scientific decision -making、The role of extensive 2024 European Cup Live Bettingconsensus consensus,The enthusiasm of employees' work continues to increase,Ningxin Gathering for the high -quality development Euro 2024 qualifying resultsof the mine to improve quality and efficiency。At the Third Workers' Congress of this year,Recommended from bottom to each unit,96 suggestions for collection and reasonableization,Including both production safety、In terms of management,There are logistics services、Collective benefits,Fully stimulated the enthusiasm of employees and the consciousness of the owner。

Minsheng investment only increases without decrease、Huimin is only strong or weak、Huimin only has a lot of facts。Next,The mine will continue to take the employee's longing for a better life as the starting point and end point for promoting the high -quality development of the mine,Continue to do "add method",Let the employees share the dividend of the mine,Further enhances the happiness index of employees and masses。

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