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Liangbao Temple Coal Mine: "Set the Top" people's livelihood with the truth

Author: Yang Yang  Kong Linlin    Release Date: February 23, 2024

Lisa people,Silk hair will be happy;,N still to go。Luxi Mining Liangbao European Cup football resultsTemple Coal Mine Betting on Euro 2024always adheres to employees -centered development ideas,Handling practical things for employees with heart,Let "people's livelihood" follow "folk voice",The happiness of employees、Get sense、Safety improvement。

They are most concerned about employees、Most direct、The most realistic interest issues start with,Establish and improve the normalization of employees in difficult workers、Long -acting mechanism,In -depth employee satisfaction survey,Timely understand and master the ideological status of employees。Constantly improving the dynamic management of employees to build files,Establishing a difficult employee file,Actively carry out difficult Betting on Euro 2024employees European Cup football resultsfor employees、Golden Autumn Aid、"Two sections" send warmth and other rescue activities,Send the warmth of the big family of the enterprise to the heart of difficult workers。Since 2023,Consolation of 85 employees in difficulties,Carry out medical assistance for major illness,Distribution of more than 200,000 yuan for rescue benefits。At the same time,More than 60 college students admitted in 2023、The family members of the graduate employees distributed the condolences such as the suitcase,Effectively stimulated the entrepreneurial passion of cadres and staff。

"Past,Everyone has something,All find the functional department to solve。Now is the mayor、The secretary came to Euro 2024 qualifying resultslearn Euro 2024 qualifying resultsabout work、I hope for life,Reflect from the leaders of the district team to the functional department,Convenient and fast。"Fang Quan, the employee of the mine in the mine。I hope for the thought of the employees in a timely manner,Listen to their opinions and voices,The mine sets a "Diary of the People's Love" in each employee dormitory building,Guide the person in charge of all units、Secretary of the Party branch often penetrates into the grassroots、Deeple to the masses,Dynamically understand the hotspots of employees' attention、Difficult point、Focus Questions,and remembers it into the "Diary of the People",To understand the public opinion and public opinion through 2024 European Cup Betting 2024 European Cup Live BettingEntrance"record",Organize the problem for the people through "doing"。

At the same time,The normalization of the mining union has a variety of forms、Healthy and beneficial cultural and sports activities,Thousands of ways to enrich their amateur cultural life。Activity site,tug of war、Table Tennis、Grade、Billiards、Badminton and other cultural and sports fun activities in turns,Contestants are enthusiastic about rising、Each show,Active atmosphere at the scene,laughter and laughter ... Employees are feeling vigorous、At the same time as the boom,A combination of a family、A plate of chess、A heart、Fight together、The powerful joint force that must be won。

other,Betting on Euro 2024The European Cup football resultsmine continues to improve the service consciousness and work quality of the employee cafeteria,Continuously enriching the types of dishes,Optimize nutritional match,Let the employees eat comfortable、Eat healthy。"Now the cafeteria not only has many foods and vegetables,Pay attention to the matching of vegetables and vegetables,And special dishes for launch,The most important thing is like our underground workers,Whenever I raise wells,You can eat hot meals。"A employee from the next line of the well said happily。

The mining union also vigorously develops a variety of forms、A rich laborer competition,Establish a platform、sound mechanism,Vigorously carry out the Euro 2024 qualifying results"Betting on Euro 2024Teacher and Belt" activity,Give full play to the model、Demonstration of artisans drives,Actively grow into a way for employees、stand ladder、Take the table。

Next,Liangbao Temple coal mines will be better service、More intimate care,Carrying up "I do practical things for employees" to the end,Continue focusing on hot spots that employees care about、Difficult point、blocking point,Win the "honor and disgrace" of employees with the "sincere care" of an enterprise,together to promote the achievement of the mine better、Better development。

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