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Grass -roots party building

Binhu Coal Mine: "Red Boat" party building cultural brand forms matrix effect

Author: Zhang Shengkui  Release Date: February 26, 2024

"We solidly carry out Hongzhou No. 1‘ 1+1 ’Party member to build a party building brand,Intelligent integration of intelligent mining with thin coal seams,Achieved quality standardization dynamic dynamics,Multiple over -overcoming coal mining production tasks,The role of the main force of the coal mining area team。"Yin Yan, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Binhu Coal Mine Mine Coal Mine Mine Coal Mine Coal mining area of ​​the jujube Betting on Euro 2024Euro 2024 qualifying resultsore group, comprehensively and strictly governed the party to describe integrity and grasp the grass -roots party building work report.。

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(Red Boat, the Smart Party Building Cultural Brand)

The mine revolves around Shandong Energy "Double Institute Double Innovation" party building model and the "336" party building leading project,Focus on "unity struggle、Gathering Power、Feng Qingqi、Incorporate development "Objective positioning,Create a "main brand" with the party building cultural brand of "Red Boat",15 party brands of party brands for the "sub -brand" party building red matrix,Stimulate the vitality of party building work,Give full play to the role of party members,Promote the development of high -quality high -quality development of enterprises。

They deepen the tap Ban Mo Mi、Regional advantages and red resources on the banks of Weishan Lake,Tightly combined with the actual situation of the mine and industry characteristics,Will party building work, reform and development、Safety 2024 European Cup Betting EntranceBetting on Euro 2024production、Business Management、Minsheng Construction and other deep integration,Focus on the work system of "three bases and nine forces",that is: the foundation of the thought、Base of Action、Base of the masses; improve leadership、Guarantee、Promotional、Inner drive、Cohesion、Supporting force、Implementation power、Services、Responsibility,Formulate "Guidance Opinions"、Design brand logo,Multi -channel、Many aspects、Multi -layered publicity and implementation,Guide the party branch and the majority of party members to consciously invest in the party building brand creation activity。

Under the overall framework of the "Red Boat" party building cultural brand,Name the "Red Boat#No.+Party Building Brand" of the party building brands of various party branches,Promoting the party building brand from "Disposal Creation" to "System Management",System Create Red Boat No. 1 "1+1" party member merit ... Red Boat No. 7 "Double Insurance and One Creation" Red Transport ... 15 2024 European Cup Live European Cup football resultsBettingsub -brands including Hongzhou 15 "Sanju and Three Tip" service -oriented institutions,Promoting the party building brand from "Disposal Creation" to "System Management",The work pattern of "one party committee, one characteristic, one branch, one brand",Provides strong political guarantee and powerful power support for the construction of the intelligent coal seam intelligent and hard -efficient ore。

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(Secretary of the Party Branch described the job separately)

"We solidly carry out Hongzhou No. 10‘ Party Construction Gathering Quality Create and Effective Party Member Star Competition ’,Construction of typical demonstration mines around the intelligent coal seam,Wash the selected workshop、The Motor Workshop and the Collection Control Center set up a party member Hongqi Responsibility Area and Demonstration of Party Members,Add red kinetic energy to coal washing efficiency。"Wei Chuanliang, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Mine Coal Washing Factory, said。

They use the party branch fighting 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancefortress and party Betting on Euro 2024member "head geese effect",Control in precision coal indicators、Craft Reform、Equipment installation debugging、Hidden danger rectification、Mission Assault、Innovative and creative efficiency and other aspects of the first soldiers,Grasp the on -site safety production,Intelligent medicine、More than 10 innovative achievements including intelligent agency and the reconstruction of China Coal Systems have been used to be better applied at the scene。Among them, 11 innovative achievements such as "Application Research on the Application of Large Floating Colums in Binhu Coal Mine Coal Election Plant Clane Improvement" are rewarded by superiors。

The Mining Party Committee integrates the brand with the main brand、The characteristics of the unit's characteristics as an important starting point for building a red matrix,According to the "Administrative Measures for Binhu Coal Mine Party Building Brand Evaluation (Trial)" and "Binhu Coal Mine Party Building Brand Euro 2024 qualifying resultsEvaluation Standard",Declarse according Euro 2024 qualifying resultsto step by step、Qualification preliminary review、Concentrated evaluation、Research OK、The order of name commendation,Carry out the establishment of party building brands、Select the best to find differences、Hierarchical review and evaluation filing management recommended,Promoted the party building brand from "point out" to "Flower on the face"。

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("" Red Boat Communist Party "Party Construction Empowerment" party building brand compilation)

They hold the party building brand launch conference,Edit production of party building brand identification anime video,Edited "" Red Boats Combat "Party Construction Empowerment" party building brand compilation material,Video、Picture、physical and other forms,Show the specific situation of party building work,Further enhances the influence and popularity of the party building brand。

To ensure the creation quality,The Mine Party Committee clarifies the goal、Measures、time limit Euro 2024 qualifying resultsand responsibility,Through field survey、Discussion 2024 European Cup Live BettingExchange、Regular supervision、regular inspection and other methods,Strengthen the supervision and scheduling of the party building red matrix,Organize party building brands every quarter to create observation and exchange,Learn advanced、Summary experience、Insufficient analysis、Improvement and improvement,Promoting horizontal communication between units、mutual promotion and advance,Realized the party building brand from "quantity accumulation" to "quality improvement"。

"Deep cultivation‘ three bases and nine force ’、Tongjun ‘Red Boats and Joise’,Continuously enrich the ‘1+N+N’ party building red matrix,Through a hundred family contention、Baihua Qi Fang ‘Sub -brand’,Open the interoperability and promote ‘last mile’,Make the "Rong" more enough,The background color is more beautiful。"Wang Duan, Secretary of the Mining Party Committee。

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