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Party style and clean government

Dongtan Coal Mine: Take a good party style and clean Euro 2024 qualifying resultsGovernment Construction "three -step chess"

Author: Qiu Changpeng  Release Date: January 22, 2024

Dongtan Coal Mine In -depth Promoting the Construction of the Party's Clean and Clean Government,Grasp the educational education,Play "Lian" word combination,"Education + Supervision" with the same weight,"Prevention + rectification" combination,Continuously planting integrity cultural soil,Effectively enhance the influence of integrity culture、Infectious power European Cup football results2024 European Cup Betting Entranceand penetration,Promote the main melody of the Qingfeng positive qi,Let the integrity blow the new appearance of Dongtan。

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The mine takes learning, propaganda, implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the primary political task,Construction of General Secretary Xi Jinping's relevant party style and clean government、Important expositions of the construction of integrity culture,and the spirit of party style and clean Euro 2024 qualifying resultsGovernment Construction of the two -level company,Integrated into the theoretical learning center group of the party committee、Special conferences and other learning content,"Leading" at the above rate、Combining functions "Shenzhen Study"、Communicate with each other "Promotion"、Actively "self -study"、Integrated into the actual "practice of learning" and other forms,Guide party members and cadres to find "small problems" with "magnifying glass"2024 European Cup Live Betting,Against the rectification,Betting on Euro 2024Implementing cases to promote reform、Promote teaching with a case,Education guides party members and cadres to know the awe、Starting fear、Keep the bottom line。

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At the same time,Innovative creation "online" missionary platform,Using WeChat public platform as a carrier,Establish an online "Qingfeng School",Push 14 ICCO Micro Movies、Integrity WeChat Class,Make integrity education more fresh。3 Integrity WeChat Class、Public Welfare Advertising won the first prize of Shandong Energy Group respectively、Second prize,6 are rated as an excellent work by Yankuang Energy。Printing "Under the Sun" Integrity Career Tools Book,Introducing the "Working Plan for the Supervision of the First Leader" and the Leadership Team,Amend the "Administrative Measures for the Integrity File of Leading Cadres",Gradually establish a long -term mechanism for normally normally operating power operation,Fundamental use of institutional tube、Pipe long -term。

Culture "Runlian", build a style "defense line"

Dongtan Coal Mine Stand at the height of protecting party members and cadres,Proposed "self -discipline is the book、His rhythm is a clean culture of love,Publicity Guide Integrity、Reading Silicon、Environmental Education、Integrity、Supervision to promote integrity、Management of Polygonum、All members advocate integrity,Multi -tube nap、Specimen and Treatment,Make party members and cadres consciously do things clean,Clear innocence。Promote the construction of a clean cultural demonstration site for Dongtan Coal Mine,Clarifying the integrity cultural concept of "Qingfeng and Virgun Dongtan" and "self -discipline is the book、His law is love "basic orientation,Vigorously carry out the "Cultural Construction Year" activity,Create room、District Team、Team team integrity culture demonstration site,Promoting the construction of integrity culture is tangible and effective。Form the "1367" working system and "33442" Betting on Euro 2024implementation European Cup football resultsmeasures,Realized the construction of integrity culture、Promote the carrier。"Building the" 1367 "system to create a" Hejing "integrity culture" was rated as the first prize of the outstanding research results of the disciplinary inspection and supervision work by the China Coal Political Research Association。

For the formation of a comprehensive promotion to form a look -up、The strong atmosphere of everyone advocates integrity,Dongtan Coal Mine insists on a cultural person、Shaping with God,"Embeds" Shili Mining Area,Carefully create a series of integrity positions。Use the brand board、LED display, etc. Set up clean cultural slogans、Clean painting and calligraphy,Forming Gallery、Tao、Wall、screen、Room integrity cultural propaganda matrix; plan to open up a clean education position in the party building exhibition hall,Through rich pictures、Real Line、Models for mission,Create a wide range of influencing surface、New 2024 European Cup Live Bettingforms、Clean Education Betting on Euro 2024Propaganda Position。Through "Dongtan Supervision 365" WeChat Mini Program,Gas collective collection of cards、10 problems such as occupation of public property,Let the cadres pay attention to、Wake up、Knowledge。

"Police" with the case, sounding the "alarm clock" for refusing corruption

Warning education is the best "sober agent".

In order to make "lessons written on paper" "awe in the heart",This mine is full of warning education films、Education of warning case strong deterrence、Fine defense action,Organize a typical case warning education symposium,In -depth analysis of illegal discipline and illegal persons to relax the constraint on yourself,From "Broken" to "Broken",Then go to "Break the method",Display its landslide degeneration trajectory,strive to knock "Stunning Wood" for party members and cadres,Consciously use the case、Positive Slim,Remember the original mission、Keep the bottom line of integrity。

close 2024 European Cup Live Bettingto the "Deeper Study Express、Struggle 2024 European Cup Live Bettingto cast loyalty "Calculation" Integrity Education Theme,Carrying out warning education throughout the year,833 cadres participated in party rules and party discipline knowledge competitions,102 people receive education at the Red Education Base,510 people participated in the integrity warning education month activity,More than 1,000 people listen to the integrity party class,Forms a strong momentum and strong atmosphere。Accurately grasp young cadres who do not know the awe、style of style floating,Deepen the theme education of "The First Deduction of the Integrity in the Integrity",New employment、Newly promoted and adjusted young cadres to receive warning education,Like 51 new adjustment leading cadres to carry out clean government talks,Continuing the growth of "wind discipline"。

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