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Tian Chen Coal Mine: Carefully cook the Spring Festival "Integrity Package" to make the taste of the year more "low -flavored"

  Yuan Binbin    Release Date: January 23, 2024

The Spring Festival is near,Jujube Mine Group European Cup football resultsEuropean Cup football resultsTian Chen Coal Mine carefully cooks "Integrity Package",Make "year flavor" full of "low flavor",Forming the same "respect" on the whole mine、Joint Force "Promoting Integrity"、Consciously "protecting integrity"、Rules "Shounian" integrity atmosphere。 

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(Watching a clean education film)

Betting on Euro 2024During the festival is the "Four Winds" problem is easy to develop and the hairpin period。The mine is based on grasping early,Ahead of force,Watch a clean warning educational film by organizing the organization、Hold a reminder conversation meeting for a integrity industry、Distribution of a clean and holiday initiative、Push the Electronic Reminder Card of Holidays、Reading the "Ten Strict Prohibitions" activities such as integrity and holidays,Tightening and integrity Practice "Law",Urges party members and cadres to learn from the case,Strengthen self -constraint、Building a ideological defense line,Keep the bottom line、Stay away from the red line。Further enhances integrity and self -discipline awareness,Building a solid defense line for refusing corruption and degeneration。

(Integrity worship)

Integrity of the career promises, obey the rules and keep the discipline and integrity."I promise: Resolutely implement the spirit of the eight regulations of the central government,Consciously abide by the integrity and holidays ‘ten prohibited’ ... ”The cadre of the party member management cadres of the mine signed the“ Cleaning New Year ”,Make a promise of integrity and self -discipline。The majority of party members and cadres said,To self -check the promise letter,Place yourself under the supervision of the organization and the masses,Self -warning、Self -constraint,Ensure that honesty industry、Integrity holiday。

Investigation of risks is strong, and disciplines are strictly distinguished.This mine is according to party discipline regulations、The spiritual rules of the eight regulations of the Central Committee and the new regulations on the construction of the party's work style and clean government、New requirements,Improve and improve the "negative list",Draw the "red line" for management cadres at all levels、Let the "restricted area","Singleization" management has enhanced the targetedness of integrity risk prevention and control。Around "People and Property、Production supply and marketing "and other key areas that are prone to multiple corruption phenomena、Important positions、Key links,Do a good job in risk investigation and analysis,Formulate prevention and control measures,Implement leaders and departments at all levels,Standardized power operation。

Keeping an eye on the key point, the style supervision is strong.Further deepen the style of style of style during the festival,Persist in problem orientation,Focus on managing cadres,Take a clear inspection and unannounced visit、Concentrated inspection、Report and other methods,Increase the rectification of the "Four Winds" problems during the holiday period,Display exposure seriously to typical issues,Form an effective deterrence,Easy to create relaxation、Civilization、Harmonious festival atmosphere。

"The majority of party members and cadres must further improve their political standing,Fully understand the significance of strengthening the work of party style and clean government during the festival and the work of positive and disciplinary work,Taking discipline 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceand rules in front,European Cup football resultsregarding 'node' as the 'test point',Homing and self -discipline,Pay attention to family style,Vigorously advocate the tree to admire the integrity and frugality、Fresh and righteous qi,Fully show loyalty、Clean、Political color responsible,Create a positive political ecology for the high -quality and sustainable development of the mine。"Member of the Mining Party Committee、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Feng Yaohui said。

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