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Tianchen Coal Mine: Play a integrity and holiday "Combination Boxing"

Author: Liang Xiaotong  Release Date: January 29, 2024

Carry out the topic of comprehensive and strict European Cup football resultsparty governance of the party、Special Party Lesson in the Holidays of Holidays、Holding the "four management personnel" integrity warning education conferences for party members and cadres、Organize the signature of integrity commitment、Visit the Core Cultural Corridor ... The Spring Festival is near,In order to actively create a festive atmosphere with a clear air,Tianchen Coal Mine Organization launched a series of integrity warning education series activities,"Prevention needle" for party members and cadres "prevention needle",Ensure that party members and cadres spend a civilized festival frugal、European Cup football resultsClean and peaceful holiday。

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(Special Party Lesson in Holidays)

"For party members and leading cadres,Manage yourself、Body Straight,Not greedy or rotten,Is a practical and feasible,benefit for life。"" Our party members and cadres must use the case as a mirror、Taking the case as an commandment,Tighten the discipline and rules at all times,Strengthening the cultivation of party spirit and consciousness of integrity。"In order to enhance the consciousness of integrity of party members and leaders,The mine takes the title "Strengthening Culture Construction",Special party lessons for party members and cadres,Cases European Cup football resultsof recent investigations in the above level,Demanding the probable psychology that may exist in individual party members and cadres,I gave a rich meal for the majority of party members and cadres,At the same time, it also sounds a clean alarm clock,Help party members and cadres enhance "immunity"、Build a "firewall"。

(Signature Signature)

"I promise: Resolutely implement the spirit of the eight regulations of the Central Committee,Consciously abide by the integrity and holidays ‘ten prohibited’ ... ”,The majority of party members and cadres solemnly sign their names on the banner of "the representative 2024 European Cup Live Bettingof integrity and self -discipline",Fix the rules from the tree、Building a ideological defense line、Actively accept supervision、Consciously resist "Four Winds"、Strict discipline style、Practicing "Ten Strict Prohibitions"、Implementing the eight regulations of the Central Committee to make a clean commitment。

Everyone said unanimously,"The signature of the commitment is the oath,It is also a reminder; it is both a line of defense,Also the bottom line。In future work,It will strictly abide by the party style and clean government various regulations and systems,Consciously Betting on Euro 2024regulate your own behavior,Be a loyalty、Clean、Responsibility、Party members and cadres for the people。”

Party members and cadres、Personnel of key key positions also deepened to the clean cultural corridor for on -site education,Guide everyone to strengthen ideals and beliefs、Education of Improving Self -discipline Consciousness,Strengthening party spirit,Improve the ability to refuse corruption and prevent corruption。

(I receive integrity education on the spot)

other,They also carried out solidly integrity talk talks,The party committee secretary and members of the leadership Betting on Euro 2024team will talk,The members of the team and the person in charge of the division department talk,The theme of the "Hoofing Festival" is tightly around,Blowing "Clean Government style",Round "Warning Clock",Guide party members and cadres at all key positions to know and awe、Ming bottom line、Discipline,Consciously make an example for turning the wind and trend。 

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