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Tingnan Coal Industry: "Three in place" Boat Integrity Excellence

Author: Ma Xiangyang  Release Date: February 07, 2024

The Spring Festival is near,Northwest Mining Pavilion Coal Company through study and education、Prevention reminder、Supervision and inspection "three in place",Put a good holiday "prevention needle",Enhanced corruption and defense "immunity"。

European Cup football results

(Tingnan Coal Industry Company organized management personnel at all levels to watch "Tie Ji Nun")

2024 European Cup Betting EntranceLearning and Education in place -creating a clean atmosphere

On the afternoon of January Betting on Euro 202430,Secretary of the Party Branch of the Mechanical and Electrical Zone Jianfeng in the room of the party member,Organized 12 party members and managers in the work area collectively watched the "Iron Disciplinary Nursing-Shandong Zhengfeng and Anti-Corruption 2023" Episode 4 "Create a Good Environment for Entrepreneurship",And a special party lesson for "integrity and self -rhythm" for them ",Require participants to wake up from it、View yourself、Learn lessons、Write perception。

Learning is the beginning of the line。The company organizes party members and managers to carefully study the new revision of the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Adopt the form of "centralized viewing+independent viewing",Organize the warning feature film such as "Iron Ji",Let the discipline and regulations become the daily habits and consciously follow the family members。Where,The party branch of the comprehensive mining district focuses on the theme of "Practice with Lian Run and Run",Unit in the party group,The 2024 European Cup Live Bettingparty branch secretary and the party group leader took the lead,Share your own integrity story,Actively publicize the concept of integrity、Propaganda Consciousness Thought。The party branch of the Tong Defense Industry Zone will focus on the theme of "advocating the wind of integrity and promoting Hao Ran,",Organize party members to revisit the party's oath in the company's integrity culture theme park、Visit Lianlang、Lianchi、Lian Shi and other "punch card" activities,Educational guidance party members and managers to solidify the purpose of the purpose,Self -defeating the bottom line,Strengthening the mission。

As of now,The company's party branches have carried out 21 games of integrity activities,Organize more than 100 sessions of watching feature movies,15 times for the theme party day event,More than 300 people with educated party members。

European Cup football results

(Tingnan Coal Industry Company organized a clean talk meeting before the holiday)

Prevention reminder in place -Clean Alarm bells Long Ming

"As a state -owned enterprise party Euro 2024 qualifying resultsmember managers,We want to penetrate the requirements of ‘Qing’ and ‘Lian” to the whole process,High standards、Strict requirements,Equivalence of yourself and one line,Models to comply with the party constitution and party discipline and company various systems,‘key minority’ driving influence ‘vast majority’,Injecting 'low motivation' injecting the company's high -quality development ... "January 20,Captive clean talks before the holiday of Tingnan Coal Industry Company,Secretary of the Party Committee of the company、Chairman Jing Changbao issued a "integrity" call at all levels。

In addition to holding a collective integrity conversation before the holiday,The company's WeChat group、Company official micro -media carrier,Push holiday clean reminder,Notification of "Four Winds" problem typical cases 7。Deepen the integrity culture into the office、Education Zone、Enter the workshop、Enter the post、"Five Entry" activities in the dormitory,Send more than 200 copies of integrity proposal,European Cup football resultsSign more than 100 copies of the promise of integrity industry,Remind managers at all levels to abide by the provisions of integrity and self -discipline,Consciously resisting all kinds of temptation。At the same time,They make more than 300 lian language collected into one -time paper cup、Integrity reminder table visa, etc.,Put it on the table、Remember in your heart、Action of payment。

"Don't underestimate this time the sex paper cup and the clean desk visa,They are like a close -fitting police bell,Always remind me to keep the bottom line、No more red line,Eliminate corruption from the source,To achieve ‘holidays without losing the holiday’。"The company's comprehensive mining mayor Yu Qinghai said。

European Cup football results

(Discipline Inspection Commission of Tingnan Coal Company organized a pre -class safety education inspection)

Supervision and inspection in place -building a clean and clean line

February 4,The company's Discipline Inspection Commission Joint Supervisor Office、Safety Supervision Department and other departments European Cup football resultsformed the inspector team,Safety education around the departments of all units and departments、Style discipline construction、Regulations and regulations execute、Promotion of key work, etc.,Launch of special inspections of efficiency,and list the rectification list for the investigation and punishment,Clear person responsible,Rectification of time limit。

"This inspection,We adopt the method of ‘Four Bad and Big Straight’,Focus on the safety education of employees in front of the grassroots units in various units、Salary bonus allocation plan、Duty managers and other employees who care about the "hotspot" question of the most concerned,It aims to warn all party members and managers regardless of the time to keep the style of style,Consider,Passing Astronomy! "Introduction of Zhao Yanjun, deputy secretary of the company's disciplinary committee。

They insist on normalization to carry out poor grassroots governance, and inbirth of inaction and inaction as a special rectification as a problem,Require units Betting on Euro 2024to conduct in -depth self -examination and self -correction,Insufficient problems in the same check,Establishing rectification measures,Pay on the Discipline Inspection Commission for the record。In the company's 23 party branches, appoint the party style supervisor、Intellectual information officer,Build an internal supervision pattern,Forms the co -power of supervision and discipline。At the same time,They are still in the staff dormitory building、Employee Canteen、All units study indoor public report phone、mailbox、Email,Once verified by reporting clues,Resolutely from fast、Strict treatment,and inform the exposure。

Since January,The company's disciplinary commission has carried out special inspections 3 games,Insufficient safety education before class、Slowly advancement of key tasks,Publishing Notes and Education of more than 10 people。

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