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New Mining Group: Feng Qingqi is overlapping "festival"

Author: Shang Xia  Release Date: February 08, 2024

In order to further implement the responsibility of the main body of the party,Recent New Mining Group Yan Ming Discipline Requirements,Perseverance "Four Winds"、Tree fresh wind,Strengthening positive wind and discipline,Vigorously create a wind and clear air、Happy and Betting on Euro 2024Betting on Euro 2024peaceful festival atmosphere。

2024 European Cup Betting Entrance

(Great Wall Third Mine Reminder before the holidays)

2024 European Cup Betting Entranceprofound understanding of the importance and urgency of the new journey style construction,Specific、Precision、Normal political supervision,Supervise party organizations at all levels and their "first leaders" to resolutely carry the main responsibility of building a style,Strengthen the education of party members and cadres of the headquarters of the unit、Supervision and Management,Make sure the pressure transmission to the end、Responsibility is implemented、Practical and effective work。Disciplinary inspection agencies at all levels carefully fulfill their responsibilities and supervise responsibilities,Do the first responsibility of doing a detailed supervision,Find the entry point and focus point of the supervision supervision,Focus on difficult employees for rescue、Do a good job of safe production、Enriching the implementation of work such as cultural and sports life,Follow -up Supervision、Precision Supervision、Supervision in the whole process,Resolutely correct the poor governance of grassroots governance and inaction as a problem as a false as a false as a false as a problem。For the loss of work and loss of work,Responsibility for serious investigation,With strong and effective supervision,Permanently guaranteed the implementation of the decision -making deployment of the enterprise。

2024 European Cup Betting Entrance

(Liangzhuang mining discipline inspection personnel interpret the responsibility letter of party style and clean government construction for management personnel)

Strictly keep the bottom line and strictly correct the "four winds" problem.One strict implementation of the eight regulations of the central government and its implementation rules,Accurately grasp the "Four Winds" problem festival characteristics,Pay close attention to "key minority"、High questions、High questions,Strengthening Ming Du and Unannounced Examination、Public Table Travel。Gift gifts for illegal giving gifts for illegal regulations during the festival、Eat and drink illegal regulations、Use buses illegally、Public Table Travel、Paper subsidies or benefits illegal issues illegal issues,Fight on the display、Strict treatment。"Courier Gifts", "Do not eat this level", "Do not eat public funds and eat bosses"、Investigation and inspection and hidden mutation of hidden mutation such as public funds in the name of party building activities,Accurate recognition、Target correction。Drunk driving for party members and cadres、High -end tobacco and alcohol tea、"Luxury New Year's Eve"、Gifts overplay、At the end of the year, the hedonal luxury problem behind assaulting money,Dipping cocoon、Deep dug in the line。Formism that aggravates the burden of the grassroots、bureaucracy, especially at the beginning of the year and the beginning of the year at the beginning of the year、Materials to be reported、Supervisory and inspection and assessment too much more frequency、Mission layer layer、Excessive marks、"Formism on the fingertips"、Sales such as illegal stalls and other issues,Strict check the fast place、Timely report。At the same time, penetrate the disciplinary inspection agency、functional departments、Media public opinion and other supervision forces,Greed up mass supervision channels,Timely and accurately handle the "Four Winds" problem。

2024 European Cup Betting Entrance

(Personnel of key positions of Xiezhuang Coal Mine Organization Watch the Lian Government Warning Education Film)

Specifications and both cure and vigorously promote the righteousness of freshness.Adhere to the party spirit and party style and discipline together,Actively use the concept of "full cycle management",To punish deterrence、System constraint、Education guidance integrated force,Continuous deepening source governance,Promoting the normalization of work style construction。Grasp generally happened、Repeated festivals "Four Winds" Question,In -depth analysis、Master the crux、Promote reform with the case,Advance the system with the times、Optimized treatment,constantly tighten the system cage。Strengthen education guidance,Through integrity education、Case warning、Integrity conversation and other measures,Education urges party members and cadres to enhance party spirit,Take the lead in integrity and self -cultivation,The bottom line of defending corruption and anti -changes。In -depth promotion of the construction of clean and clean culture in the new era,Enhance the construction and promote the construction of integrity culture、Inheritance festival traditional culture is connected,Promote the leadership of party members and cadres to save savings,Consciously opposes the lecture、Bign、Comparison to show off wealth、Luxury waste and other bad habits,Internalize the iron rules stipulated in the central government into daily use and unknown words and deeds。

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