Euro 2024 qualifying results
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Xinjiang Coal Chemical Organization held the "New Year's End of the European Cup football European Cup football resultsresultsNew Year's Ending New Journey" Integrity Games

  Zhang Tengfei  Ye Nan  Xu Zhanyuan    Release Date: February 08, 2024

Euro 2024 qualifying results

February 6,Xinjiang Energy Huahua Xinjiang Coal Chemical Organization held the "New Spring Festival for the New Year" and the integrity and fun sports meeting。

There are 8 representative teams in this integrity and fun sports meeting,More than 80 employees participated。Competition project changes traditional style,Integrate the elements of clean government into it into it,Set up a "set" for refusing corruption and prevention、Guess guess、Clean Wind, everyone blows multiple group projects,European Cup football results2024 European Cup Betting EntranceJi Fun、Collaborative and competitive integration。It is both a physical competition,is the contest of wisdom。

The referee whistle, the game officially started.

Refusing corruption and defense "set"。This activity uses the form of "kangaroos relay jump",Let everyone feel the temptation in the event、Block Hunting、Dilemma and risks in various "routines" in corruption,Let everyone understand that only firm ideals and beliefs、The bottom line of integrity and self -discipline、Building a firewall can "integrate" jumping band jumping bureau。

Euro 2024 qualifying results

Clean Wind,Everyone blows。Participants from the cup with "clean water" to pick up table tennis from the "Integrity" from the first cup to the last cup,The meaning is not loose、non -stop,Delogders for the wind of integrity,Advocate everyone will have good style、Integrity Family Wind、The clean wind blows into the job,Promote the new wind and righteousness in reform and innovation。

Euro 2024 qualifying results

Building Lianji,Hequn force。"One、2、3,From。"" Move point to the left,Slowly fall。"" The participating team carefully wore meaningful European Cup football results2024 European Cup Betting Entrancetower blocks,Each 2024 European Cup Live Betting"foundation" must be stable,If you are not careful, you will do your best。This project allows everyone to recognize the importance of consolidating and clearing the foundation of integrity,Commonly weaving "Integrity Protection Network"。

Guess guess。In the "Guess of Clean Words Guess" activity,"Story",Entering integrity。The participating team cooperates tacitly,In a "wow" sound,Cleaning integrity、Fighting Tiger Fly Fly、Micro -corruption and other party style and clean government construction hot words blurted out。European Cup football results2024 European Cup Betting EntranceNew forms of enlightenment,Euro 2024 qualifying resultsDeepen the understanding of cadres and employees' understanding of clean government knowledge、Perception of integrity culture。

Together in Qi Head,Tongxing with Lian。In the "Walk with Lian", the three -foot competition,Contestants tied their feet,Holding the arm with the arm,Overcoming "Uncoordinated"。Allegations that everyone is down -to -earth "low" work,Gathering "Integrity",Walker on the road of diligence。

This integrity and fun sports meeting,Both exercise your body、Purified the mind,The consciousness of strengthening European Cup football resultsthe integrity and self -discipline of party 2024 European Cup Live Bettingmembers and the masses。Xinjiang Coal Chemical will take this activity as an opportunity,Continuously strengthening style construction、Construction of integrity culture,A more positive attitude,Better enthusiasm,More grand fighting spirit,Invest in various tasks in the new year,Promote the company to achieve higher quality development。

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