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Xin'an Coal Industry: 2024 European Cup Betting EntranceEuropean Cup football resultsStrengthening before the festival to build a clean and clean line

Author: Gao Yue Ren  Release Date: February 07, 2024

"The festival is the time point for relatives and friends to reunite,It is also a test point for party members and cadres,Everyone must be honest ‘seven accounts’ ... "Recently,New'an Coal Industry of Jujube Mine Group held the 2024 Spring Festival Integrity Education Education Education and Concentration Talk,Further strengthen the construction of style,Enhance the consciousness of cadres and workers' Betting on Euro 2024integrity and holidays。

2024 European Cup Betting Entrance

Hold the 2024 Spring Festival Integrity Education Education Education and Concentration Talks

The Discipline Inspection Commission of Xin'an Coal always keeps discipline and rules ahead,Persist in preaching the discipline requirements in front、Clear in front,Grabbing a practical conversation reminder working mechanism。Deeper into the grassroots branch,Discuss at various subjects at key nodes、The main person in charge of the branch,Reading the spirit of the eight European Cup football resultsregulations of the central 2024 European Cup Betting EntranceEuropean Cup football resultsgovernment、Correct the key tasks such as "Four Winds",Consciously set up "high -voltage line",Consistent "tight hoop curse"。Discuss the grass -roots disciplinary inspection committee members、Integrity supervisors,In -depth grass -roots research team salary、attendance、Assessment, etc. The vital interests related to employees,For the existing signs、tendency problem,Perform "one -to -one" and "point -to -point" precise conversation,European Cup football resultsTo get out early、Early reminder、Early disposal、Early correct。

"The risk of integrity during the holiday period of important positions and the possible signs of sex,We selected a typical case for analysis,Multi -dimensional strengthening party members and cadres warning education,Enhance the awareness of integrity risk of party members and cadres、Awareness of the Cost of the Story and the Cost of Disciplinary and Discipline。"According to Huang Zhaomin, deputy secretary of the company's disciplinary committee,Betting on Euro 2024To ensure that party members and cadres are clean for 2024 European Cup Live Bettingthe holidays,They specialize in the supervision team,Take a special inspection、Random spot check、Democratic visits and other methods,Unwilling style disciplinary inspection during the festival,Status in the job with personnel、Work discipline during work、Discipline and duty on duty during the festival is the key point of inspection,Supervise cadres and employees to be responsible for their strict practical 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceduties,Consciously resist "慵、Lazy、San "bad wind,Alarm bell long、Defense Micro Du Jie。

They also organize the signing of family assistance to the family help,Establish a consciousness of family help,Promoting hard and simple、The virtue of the diligence and frugality,Promote integrity。

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