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Liangzhuang Mining: Greed up the integrity "clear canal" to build a clean and clean line

Author: Zhang Na  Release Date: February 07, 2024

In the promotion of party style and clean government,,Liangzhuang mining is constantly exploring an effective way to enhance the consciousness of integrity and self -discipline,Tightly surround the main line of cleanliness,Further strengthening integrity education、Covering clean loopholes,Building anti 2024 European Cup Live 2024 European Cup Betting EntranceBetting-corruption and promoting clean -defense line,Effective activation of the clean cells of party members,Greed up the integrity "clear canal",Build an indestructible "firewall" in the majority European Cup football resultsof party members and cadres。

Diligence and education lit "Warning Lights"。The company vigorously carry out the education of party style, party discipline and integrity and self -discipline,Career ethics、Typical demonstration and case analysis "three items" warning education,Guide party members and cadres to calculate the political account、Economic account、Honorary account、Home Account、Family account、Free account、Health account。

"We learn integrity and micro -story every day through the Communist Party Member Network,The party member tells the integrity micro -story at the district team learning meeting,Promoting the political responsibility and work consciousness European Cup football resultsof party members European Cup football resultsand cadres and the team leader of the team above the team leader。"Niu Baoqi, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Fire Industry Zone。

In order to firmly establish a consciousness of integrity,Active guidance、Urges the majority European Cup football resultsof party members and cadres to be a sober person in the construction of a good party style and clean government、Understand people and leaders,Constantly explore the new mode of publicity and education,Through the theoretical learning center group of the party committee、"Three meetings and one lesson"、Concentrated learning meeting for the time,Organize party members and cadres to learn integrity and self -discipline、Disciplinary Disciplinary Regulations and other party rules and party discipline,and the spirit of the relevant documents of the party's internal party style and clean government construction。At the same time,Organize party members and cadres to take a good party class、Betting on Euro 2024Reading European Cup football resultsa clean government book、Watch the warning education film, etc.,Do "offline" integrity education,Let integrity education enter the mind,Create a good political ecology。

At the same time,Innovative creation "online" missionary platform,Using WeChat public platform as a carrier,Publish "Classroom of Integrity Class" and "Holidays" and other clean government stories,Education of "fingertips" for the integrity mission。Enhance the thoughts and consciousness European Cup football resultsof party members and cadres, refusing corruption and anti -changes,Building a prison refusal corruption and anti -change thought "Dam"。

Catch the team to strengthen the "Leading Goose"。The company strictly enforces the democratic life meeting、Read Lian Lian Lian、Expert talk and personal related matters reports such as the report of the party's intra -party supervision system,Amendment and improving the "one 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceposition and two European Cup football resultsresponsibility" responsibility system for leading cadres,Signed the "Responsibility Letter of the Objectives for the Construction of the Party Style and Clean Government" and the "Responsibility System for the Construction of the Party Style and Clean Government"; formulate "Liangzhuang Mining Leading Cadre、Specifications for Management Staff Integrity Practicing Behavior ",Edit "Compilation of Party Style and Clean Government Construction Documents,Send it to the managers and important positions at the deputy department level or above,Organizational learning and examination,This promotes the integrity and self -discipline and style of leading cadres。At the same time,Pay attention to the implementation of the leaders and class duty system during the holidays,Timely investigating and punishing management personnel at all levels to falsify、Management is not strict、Implementation Euro 2024 qualifying resultsof European Cup football resultsurgent problems such as poor implementation,Lazy、Responsibility personnel such as loss of duty strict discipline and accountability。A combination of regular and irregular inspections,Use conversation、Critical、Assessment and other supervision methods,Increase the supervision of the implementation of production safety,While helping the enterprise's safe and stable development,strongly promoted the improvement of the work style and work efficiency of cadres,True the "reality" of integrity education。

Ting the grassroots to build a "mechanism sword"。The company has established a monthly inspection system,Work Report System per season,One semi -annual assessment and evaluation system,Institutionalization of supervision work、standardization; opened a network report mailbox,Open Supervision Report Telephone,Quantitative scoring assessment management Euro 2024 qualifying resultsof the construction of a clean government,Extend Euro 2024 qualifying resultsthe supervision to the district team、Team,Integrated supervision resources,Realizing intra -party supervision and democratic supervision、The supervision of the disciplinary inspection department is combined with the supervision of the masses; strict wage audit,Procurement of Materials of Materials、Bidding for major projects、Equipment large medium repair、Compensation for compensation for dangerous houses,Highlighting key positions and involving "rights、Money、object、People "and other key areas of key areas,Prevention from conspiracy、The occurrence of the phenomenon of infringing enterprises and employees in power and money transactions。

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