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Shandong Energy Group Entrepreneur Love Fund funded 34 Hanmen students Yuan Dream

Author: Li Jing Song Bo Zhang Yanli Li Tianxu Xue Rui Kong Bin  Release Date: August 25, 2021  Source: Shandong Energy Group

This website Jinan News  In the afternoon of August 25,Shandong Energy Group holds Golden Autumn Aid and Entrepreneurs' Love Fund for Aid Fund,Publish aid funds to 34 difficult college students,Give the group's care to many students,Send a blessing to a difficult family。

Secretary of the Party Committee of Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei attended the event,and the funded student representatives aid the school aid。Li Wei said,Shandong Energy Group is working hard to achieve the high -quality development of the enterprise,Actively assume social responsibility,Always focus on the "most urgent, most worried and most hoped" question of the masses,Constantly improve and complete normalization、Long -term social responsibility performance mechanism,Let the results of corporate reform and development more benefit employees and social difficulties,Show the responsibility and good image of state -owned enterprises。

Li Wei emphasized,Since the establishment of the Entrepreneur Love Fund of Shandong Energy Group,Funding a group of difficult students,Donated a batch of student aid supplies,A clear sky for the students of Hanmen。Love Fund is to help difficult groups solve problems、An important carrier of enhancing corporate social influence,Strictly follow legal、Specification、Public、The principle of transparent,Actively accept supervision of people from all walks of life,Use funds to the most needed place,Effectively build the "Public Heart Project" of Love Aid into "Sunshine Project",Help more difficult family children to complete their studies,Realize your dream of life。

Li Wei hopes to be funded, no matter what work in the future,No matter what positions you go to,Always always be grateful,Gong Yang upward、It is not lost Shaohua,Diligence、Active work,Back to society with excellent results、Report the motherland。

The funded student representative said,Shandong Energy provides us with economic help,Give us an indescribable courage and confidence,It is more firm and confident on the road to studying。We must cherish it,Do an ideal、Ambition、A ambitious Johor Bahrung Youth,To give a return company、Dedication of social contribution strength。

Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Energy Group、General Auditer、Zhou Hong, Minister of the Organization Department of the Party Committee (Human Resources Department), presided over the student aid ceremony,Readed "List of the Shandong Energy Group Entrepreneurs Care Fund"。

The ritual is held in a video way。Relevant Ministry of Energy Group (Center)、The person in charge of the second -level company and the student aid participation in the ceremony。