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New Mine Group: Love Warm Golden Autumn Aid Dream

Author: Zhao Jing  Guo Xinhong  Liu Yuling  Liu Hongliang  Zhang Xianyun  Cao Qian    Release Date: August 31, 2022

It is another year for the beginning of the golden autumn school,A batch of mining students are about to go all over the country,Open a new journey of life。Before they stepped into the university campus,All units of Xin Mining Group have sent beautiful blessings,Encourage students to build dreams for youth、Dream Future。

To do it in detail for the "Golden Autumn Aid" activity,New Mine Group actively plan,Formulate a detailed school aid plan,Clear activity time、Funding Standards、range and conditions。Use the mining area broadcast、Mining open column, etc.,Let the families of difficult workers who meet the conditions be able to understand the document content in time、Clear funding conditions,Make sure you don't miss one person、Do not lose a household,Through a comprehensive investigation、A review step by step、Strict control,Help family difficulties、Employees and daughter Yuanmeng University with excellent science and learning,Make the student aid activities truly doing practical things for employees、Heart warmth project for good things。

Come days for even day,All units have held college student inspirational symposiums,Publish aid funds for college students、Inspirational books and learning supplies,Encourage students to cherish learning opportunities,Self -reliance,Actively cultivate a healthy and upward mentality,Transforming the care of the company into a gratitude society、The motivation for learning,Become the talent of the pillar as soon as possible。

Zhai Zhen Coal Mine Organization is funded by college students to visit the Intelligent Collection Control Center、"Craftsman House" Maker Center、Party and Mass Service Center,Let them intuitively understand the enterprise of "Home Door",Feeling unique corporate culture and development prospects。Aid student representatives through poetry recitation、Story sharing and other methods,Express the family、Thanksgiving to the company and the longing for a better future。

In Inner Mongolia Energy New Shanghai No. 1 Coal Mine,The experience of being funded by students to exchange education for children,"Looking for the son Jackie Chan,Looking forward to women into phoenixes "turned into happiness for happiness,Everyone expresses gratitude to the real humanistic care and warmth consolation of the mining area,It means that it will continue to bear the heavy responsibility of returning to the children and educational children,Go all out to do your job,Use actual actions to contribute to the high -quality development of the enterprise。

"I feel extremely proud to get this scholarship,Let me have more confidence in the future learning and life,I must keep in mind the corporate entrustment,Forever Essence,Back to the company with better results、Dedication society,Realize life value。"at the ceremony of" Love Aid Hope "at the Power Plant Management Branch,Gao Xinyi, who was admitted to the Capital Normal University English major this year, said excitedly。

Zhai Zhen Coal Mine also organizes "big hands to hold small hands" love assistance action,Invited this year to obtain double first -class universities and excellent students who have been funded to walk into the "Love Host" employee children's service center,When "Agent Teacher",Counseling homework for children of employees,Carrying out group building activities,Learn paper -cut、Calligraphy, etc.,Establish a good example for the younger brothers and sisters。

"Caring for the next generation" is an enterprise condensing love、Warm people's heart、Important measures to boost confidence,New Mining Group has also established a subsidiary student to care about the return visits,Provide normalized services and follow -up assistance for students in difficult families。It is understood,At present, "Golden Autumn Aid" activity is a total of 161 college students,Distribution of 569,000 yuan for student funds。

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