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Yixin Coal Industry Carrying out Golden Autumn Aid Activities

Author: Huang Lu  Release Date: August 31, 2022

"I usually think for our employees for our employees,I did a lot of practical things for us,This time I distributed us to a student aid,We are warm in our hearts,Special thanks! "This is a word that Ren Tao, an employee of Xinjiang Nenghua Izhuan Coal Industry Management Department, said after the scholarship issued by the mine on the mine。

August 27,Xinjiang Nenghua Yixin Coal Industry held the "Golden Autumn Aid" ceremony in 2022,Published a student aid for the children of 8 newly admitted to the university。

The company's party committee has always regarded golden autumn aid activities as an important people's livelihood project to care about employees。To carry out this student aid activity,The company conducts a bottom -up investigation of the admission to college for children in difficulties in advance。Each of the children who are newly admitted to the university with 8 newly admitted to the university will distribute the 2,000 yuan for the school。

It is reported,The company has always regarded the interests of employees as a major event,Try to do practical things for employees、Solving problems Implement in specific actions。This golden autumn school aid activity issued a total of 16,000 yuan for school aid,To a certain extent, it relieves the problems and life pressure of children in difficult workers。

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