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Environmental protection bidding operation —— new sulfur recovery device for coal oil branches is built and put into operation

Author: Dong Gaoming Ma Jianxiong  Release Date: December 30, 2020

December 26,Future Energy Coal Oil Branch New Sulfur Recycling Device is successfully put into operation,Out of Out of Qualified Lydra Sulfur Products。The successful completion and operation of the device,further improving the environmental operation capacity and economic operation quality of the coal oil system。

New sulfur recovery project is the environmental protection project and benefit engineering key construction of coal oil branches in 2020,Total investment of more than 90 million yuan,It can be treated with acid gas per hour and 10330 standard cubic meters,Can make the purification section reaches full load operation under high -sulfur coal working conditions,Each year can reduce the cost of corporate coal for nearly 18 million yuan。In addition,New device recycling products are excellent sulfur,can be used as by -product sales,Design annual production capacity is 50,000 tons,It can increase economic benefits of more than 10 million yuan per year。

This set of device will come from low temperature methanol washing、The acid gas of the ammonia water lift unit and the non -condensed gas in the thermal recycling area is reaned after the Claus reaction to recycle sulfur,Tail gas delivery incineration furnace。The tail gas delivery boiler device after incineration,Treatment through desulfurization and denitration,Realize ultra -low emissions,Each indicator of tail gas emissions fully meets the latest national standards。 

It is understood,The project started construction on November 20, 2019,During the period, the coal -making oil branch to overcome the impact of the epidemic,inverted plan node,Actively organize construction,Relevant workshops、Coordination of the department,Organize the "three checks and four fixed" safety inspections,It provides a strong guarantee for the device to achieve "zero defects" as scheduled。