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Energy Group's two technologies have been released by the national energy industry standard

Author: Xu Hanyi  Release Date: January 22, 2021  Source: Shandong Energy

Recently,The National Energy Administration 2021 Announcement No. 1 approves the release of a number of energy industry standards,Lead by Energy Group、"Sulfur cleaning coal" drafted by Yankuang Technology Co., Ltd., "Technical Conditions for Small Clean Coal Water Heating Blames", officially released,and will be implemented on April 1, 2021。

Energy Group targets the construction of global clean energy suppliers and world -class energy companies,Fighting the efficient cleaning and utilization of tobacco and coal,Strengthen the construction and independent technology research and development,From Industry、Civil use and other fields to promote coal clean and efficient use of technology research and development and market transformation,Developed solid sulfur cleaning coal、Small clean coal water heater、Civilian energy -saving environmental protection furnace、Efficient coal industrial boilers and many other coal cleaning and utilization technology,Efforts to realize "there is no smoke of tobacco coal、Black Coal Green "。

Sulfur cleaning coal is based on independently developed composite additive technology,Moisture of ordinary tobacco coal into a clean coal with solid sulfur solid dust and nitrogen reduction,Can replace smoke -free coal、Quality coal resources such as orchid charcoal。Small clean coal water heating stoves can be widely used in no concentrated heating and electricity、Resident users who change natural gas heating conditions,Used with solid sulfur cleaning coal,Not only can we meet the clean emission standard,and insufficient supply of gas and electricity、Reduce government financial subsidies、It has significant advantages in reducing the cost of heating of residents。Sulfur coal、Small clean coal water heating stoves in Shandong、Hebei and other places have gone through 2 years of technical demonstration,Its environmental protection energy saving effect is obvious,Economic outstanding,Get market users、Unanimous praise from local government and industry experts。

The release of the two energy industry standards,Breaking the tobacco coal coal、Technical barriers for market access for small water heating stoves,For solid sulfur clean coal、The market development and promotion and application of small clean coal water heating stoves lays a policy basis,further enhance the technical advantages and market discourse of energy group in the field of coal cleaning and combustion。(Liu Zhong climbing Song Dezheng)

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