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Many top equipment technologies of Energy Group debut 2021 new kinetic energy · Qingdao exhibition conference

Author: Li Jing Xue Rui  Release Date: July 15, 2021  Source: Shandong Energy Group

Qingdao News  July 15th,2021 New Power Energy · Qingdao Exhibition Conference Opening at the International Exhibition Center of Qingdao China Railway World Exhibition City,Many top equipment of Shandong Energy Group、Technical debut exhibition。Secretary of the Party Committee of Energy Group、Chairman Li Weiqin exhibition on -site visiting guidance。

The theme of this exhibition with "New Law, New Rights and New Opportunities",It is committed to building an international nature that promotes the cooperation of the global industry、effectiveness、mechanism platform,Comprehensive display of the results of the global multinational companies in the new development pattern actively participated in the results of the new and old kinetic energy conversion、The latest product technology of leading enterprises at home and abroad、Shandong's industrial advantage and development opportunities。The exhibition lasted 3 days,55 representative companies from the world and the Fortune 500 in the world conduct offline independent display。

Shandong Energy has a total of 5 companies at the exhibition,Mountain energy reinstallation、Mountain Energy Division、Beidou Technology、Shandong Yankuang Light Alloy Co., Ltd.、New Fengguang Electronic Technology,Exhibitors cover equipment manufacturing、Electronic Technology、New Material、New Technology、Digital software。Where,The world's first set of mining high -reliability 5G dedicated network system、Fusion communication emergency command system、Underground Assistance Transportation System、The speed of 600 kilometers per hour is high -speed magnetic floating vehicle body profile、Large ERP software implementation service、Shield machine,Ultra energy compressor with the first market share、Mine intelligent mining remote monitoring system、Rail traffic braking energy absorption device、Mining smartphones、Intelligent Medical Examination Center and Watch、High -voltage inverter that can exceed 30%of the year、Ultra energy compressor and other products with the number one market share performed a image display,It shows the new kinetic energy of energy cultivation in Shandong,Promoting new development,The latest results of seizing the development of new technologies for the development of new technologies,In order to promote the internationality of global industrial cooperation、effectiveness、The mechanism built a platform。