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Yanzhou Coal Industry Dongtan Coal Mine successfully develops application of monorail crane traction bridge reprinted machine

Author: Wang Jianqiu Changpeng  Release Date: August 03, 2021  Source: Shandong Energy Group

Recent,Dongtan Mine Autonomous Design Modified Monoust Cage Traction Bridge Reprinting Machine Establishment Device Installing and Trial success in the belt lane in Wu Cai District。This device solves the long -distance running distance due to the side unloading machine、Many times、Time consumption and leading to low efficiency,greatly improved the situation where the preface of the work surface of the Pu Digan work surface is long。

During the production process of coal mines,Embarrants' excavation directly affects the overall continuation of coal mine production,Out of time for a long time、Low efficiency is one of the main problems that affect the excavation of the roadway。At present, Dongtan Mine -Pu excavation work surface mainly uses "side -unloading machine+band conveyor" to combine coal -to -transport transportation,As the working surface continues to advance,Side unloading rock loader continues to increase from the head of the head and the tape of the belt conveyor machine,Out time becomes long,Affects 矸 efficiency,Restriction of the level of monopoly in the excavation work face。

To solve this problem,Further improve the construction efficiency of excavation,The mining excavation of the two districts courage to try,Bold innovation,Power of the whole district,It took two months to complete the preliminary design and manufacturing work of the monorail crane traction bridge transmitter,In April 2021, the interview was successfully used in the 矿 采 采 巷 巷 巷。

Introduction to Kong Xiangyu, the head of the second district of the mine,They installed monorail hanging beams on the top board on the middle of the belt,Use the wind monorail crane crane hanging traction bridge reprinting machine,Implementing the flexible movement of the reprint machine,Follow the side unloading machine out。Time when heading up,Wind Movement Crac Traction Bridge Reprinted Movement Movement to the Position,Use the side unloading machine to shovel the nearest unloading into the bridge reprinting machine,The vermiculite passed by the bridge transmitter to the belt to complete the foreign transport。

Another,Before the artillery or after the firing,Use the wind mingles crane to move the bridge transmitter to the rear monorail hanging beam,Open the distance from the head,Effectively prevent cannon crashing equipment。

"Try to run in the construction of the belt lane in Wu Cai District in the early stage,Good results,greatly reduced the round -trip operation distance of the side unloading rock installed machine,Save the running time of the rock installation machine,Make the tug -of -headed efficiency of more than double the efficiency of more than double,Monthly increased by 10%,It provides a strong guarantee for my ore digging work surface to achieve 'high -quality fast digging'。"Introduction to Pan Xingsong, deputy chief engineer of the mine。

Current,Dongtan Mine Intelligent Mine Construction is in full swing,Coal mining and excavation working surface to achieve "one -click" start -stop control and remote intervention control,Autonomous self -developed machine tail、Monocel crane traction bridge transmitter and other devices are quietly changing the traditional working method,Help the safe and efficient development of the mine。