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The first unit of the financial information system integration project of the Energy Group is successfully launched

Author: Li Jing Song Bo Zhang Yan Yu Yang Xue Rui Li Deyu  Release Date: September 06, 2021  Source: Shandong Energy Group

This website Jinan News   September 6th,Energy Group Financial Information System Integration Project is launched by the first unit。This is the significant sign of energy groups to build digital companies in the industry,For the implementation of the financial information system integration project、Promoting the integration management and control platform of industry and financial integration from "planning and design" to the substantive stage of "implementation"、Comprehensively improve the level of energy group management and control,It will definitely have an important and far -reaching impact。

Secretary of the Party Committee of Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei attended the meeting and spoke。He said,Since the project was launched in March this year,The project team and the units insist on integrating the financial information system as an important political task for the joint reorganization of the enterprise,Resolutely implement the requirements for the deployment of the energy group,Follow "Master Design、distribution implementation、System first、Fast coverage "principle,overcome less personnel、Data multi、System miscellaneous、Times and other real difficulties and technical problems,Pressing the stubble, 382 project members closed office,More than 5,000 business personnel participated in depth,Lotten 206 days and nights,345 of the special solution for business business,Sort out the business process 1513,Preparation of business blueprint Report 13 volumes of 830,000 words,1679 test business scenarios,Introduction of 9.85 million static data、Dynamic data 2.05 million pieces,Complete internal trainer training 518 people、End user training more than 4,000 people、System switching task 3278,It only takes more than 5 months,It takes two years in the industry to complete the job,Build business control、Collaborative Ecology、Risk prevention and control、​​Innovative application、Decision Support the "Five Copies","Mountain Energy Speed", "Mountain Energy Quality", "Mountain Energy Model" of the integration of information system in the industry。

Shanneng characteristics,Current and future period,To strengthen "digital、Intelligent、Intelligence "target,Persist in global vision、International Standards、Industry model、Shanneng characteristics,Taking integrated financial information system as the starting point,Accelerate the deep integration of industry wealth,Strictly follow "Master Design、Step implementation,System first、Fast coverage "implementation principle,Unified Financial Information System、ERP system version,Accelerate collaborative docking,Implement system fusion、Interconnection。Coordinating the first batch of online system optimization operation and maintenance and the second batch of online work promotion,Grab two points together、Two tasks simultaneously push、Both battles must win。To complete the full coverage of the ERP system、System function optimization、System application deepening expansion,Make sure the second batch of online units will be launched in January next year。

Li Wei emphasized,Financial information integration skills are today、Better in the long run。All units、All members of the departments and project teams should improve their political standing,Fully realize that this job is not done or not、I want to do what I don’t want to do,but the task that must be handled and must be done,Strengthen the organization leaders、Tighten the work to implement the "responsibility chain",Strengthen coordination and cooperation、Augmented project promotes "strong joint force",Pay attention to the result orientation、Establish a strict assessment of "distinctive orientation",Make sure the financial information system speeds up integration、Comprehensive coverage、High -efficiency operation。

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Energy Group、Director、General Manager Zhang Baocai presided over the launch ceremony,Requires all units、Integration of various departments and financial information system integration project teams carefully study and understand the spirit of the meeting,Performance of the second phase of the goal of the second phase,High standard、High -quality completion of the financial information system integration project of the energy group,Contribute wisdom and strength to create global clean energy suppliers and world -class energy companies。

will be on it,External Director of Energy Group、Director of Financial Director Ru Gang introduced the project related situation;、General Manager Li Yan made a speech。Yanzhou Coal Industry、New Mine Group、Ziming Group、Camp and Trade Company、Material Company、203 units of 6 second -tier companies including Yun Ding Technology successfully performed systematically。

Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Energy Group、General Auditor、Minister of the Organization Department of the Party Committee (Human Resources) Zhou Hong,Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Liu Jian attended the event。

The ritual is held in a video way。The head of the departments (center) of the Energy Group,The person in charge of the second -level company in Jinan (directly affiliated) attended at the main venue,Each second -level company (directly affiliated company)、Three -level company、The members of the financial information system integration project team participated at the branch venue。