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New Breakthrough of Johor Bahru | Chongding International First -class,How to sharpen the "big country"? ——The Yankuang Energy Implementation Science and Technology Innovation Promotion Strategic Transformation and Development Summary

Author: Zou Hongzhi  Release Date: October 08, 2022

The recent news surprised: Yan Mineral Energy as the only coal company with a domestic and overseas listed platforms,The stock price has continuously set a new high for the year,The market value of the closing market on August 25 reached 207 billion yuan,Since its listing, it has exceeded the 200 billion yuan mark for the first time。It is reflected in physical operations: since 2022,Yankuang Energy Strategic Transformation Comprehensive Speed,Comprehensive improvement of asset quality,Operating performance reached a new high。

Secretary of the Party Committee of Yankuang Energy、General Manager Xiao Yao Meng said,Today's Yankuang Energy,There is a confidence than any time、Can be able to top international first -class、Sustainable development of clean energy leading demonstration enterprises。

Yan Mineral Energy Chong Ding International first -class,Where does the foundation come from?,What height is capable? In recent years,Yan Energy Focusing on the development direction of leading industries and new strategic pillar industries,Breakthrough mastered a number of major key technologies for the original innovation of "from 0 to 1",Classed a group of "big country heavy weapons","Technology Innovation" has become the most popular development path in the "Four Strategic Transformation and Upgrade Powers"。

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Recent,Yan Guanggang, Director of the Yan Energy Technology Quality Center, returns from a science and technology award conference。He said: "There are too many companies participating,The scientific and technological achievements of participating in the evaluation have a lot of flash points,The competition for scientific and technological achievements is very intense。"How to speed up building more major R & D platforms,How to gather for the key core technology,How to build a regional innovation high ground,How to continue to expand scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation,He has more job planning in his heart。

In recent years,Yan Mineral Energy Surrounding the "International First Class、Sustainable Development Clean Energy Leading Demonstration Enterprise "target,Use the "Ya" of Technology to shoot the "clean energy",Continuously improving the ability of enterprises' independent innovation,Improve the scientific and technological innovation system,Improving the effectiveness of control and control and service level。Amended the "Administrative Measures for Science and Technology Innovation Work", "Measures for the Management of Science and Technology Projects", "Measures for Patent Work Management", "Administrative Measures for Research and Development Investment Collection" and "Measures for Science and Technology Reward",Re -regulate the management process。

Focus on coal intelligent mining、Green mining and other fields,Carry out major technical research,Create a high -end innovative research and development platform with good self -development capabilities。Yan Mining Energy currently owns national level、15 provincial and ministerial R & D platforms。"Yanzhou Coal Industry Co., Ltd. Technology Center" through the identification evaluation of the National Development Reform Commission,State Enterprise Technology Center's work has achieved major breakthroughs。2020,"Research and Development Center of Inner Mongolia Rongxin Chemical Super Large Gasing Technology Research and Development Center" is reviewed and approved by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department。2021,Actively cooperate with well -known domestic academicians,Re -filed for the Academician Workstation of Shandong Province。

Since 2018,Yoshiyura Energy R & D investment is 2.073 billion yuan,Science and technology investment maintained steadily; more than 700 items of various scientific research projects have been implemented,Where,105 items of major projects、440 key projects; a total of 151 achievements have been awarded the science and technology rewards at or above the provincial and ministerial level,Number of innovative results、Quality、Field、Greatly increased layers。Among them, "Western High -hard Coal Seinetaries Overall High Intelligent Comprehensive Mining Complete Setting Technology and Equipment" won the 2020 China Coal Industry Science and Technology Award for the 2020 Award,"40T/H coal powder industrial boiler low Nox high -efficiency combustion technology research and demonstration" won the first prize of the 2021 China Coal Industry Science and Technology Award。Get the authorized patent 773 pieces,Among them, 86 pieces of invention patents、687 patents of utility models; 16 national standards、Industry standard 9 items、20 items of corporate standards。

Solving the main contradictions, the "big country's heavy weapon" is wonderful

December 16, 2021,Yankuang Energy held a strategic conference in Shanghai,Point out,Yankuang Energy Strategic Development Thought is: Adhere to high carbon energy low carbonization、Clean energy scale、Comprehensive energy intelligent development direction。This is the main contradiction。How to assume a big responsibility,Become a first -party array、Solving the main contradictions of steel intelligent guards?

Due to the world's first high -reliability 5G special network system in Bulian Coal Mine,In Smart Collection Control Center in Baojia Coal Mine,Staff Press the start button,The coal mining equipment of more than 400 meters deep in the well is automatically operated,Cut coal、Push slipping、Movement、Transmission,Everything is orderly。This means that the mine has built the first domestic smart comprehensive work face to achieve normal operation,Created the precedent of smart comprehensive launch。

"Great Power Heavy Instrument" is not only skilled in Baojia Mine,Wanli coal sea in Yankuang Energy is shining。Jinji Beach Coal Mine Carrypted "Research on the Research on Equipment and Craft Technology of Smart Comprehensive Playing Smart Comprehensive Playing Smart Comprehensive Play in Great Extraction",Accelerate the breakthrough shallow burial、Hard coal seam comprehensive mining major technology,Successfully conducted industrial tests through the first set of 7 -meter oversized high intelligence comprehensive settles technology and equipment,Working face production has an annual output of 20 million tons,reaching the world's leading level,Become an important milestone in the field of comprehensive release。Transferon Bay Coal Mine built the first 10 million tons of medium thick coal seam super long intelligent comprehensive mining work surface and put into production,Work surface 420 meters,The average thickness of the coal seam is 2.6 meters,The highest Nissan coal is 31,000 tons,Reaches the intelligent mining of medium thick coal seams of intelligent mining, annual output of 10 million tons,Lift the new chapter of intelligent mining in thin coal seams,Provides successful experience for the mining of thin coal seams。Carry out "Research and Application of the normalized operation of intelligent mining work surface in comprehensive workshops",R & D to form "Coal mining machine independent intelligent cutting、Hydraulic stent automatic follow -up、Timing control automatic coal、Auto -cut triangle coal、Transporter automatically find straight、Equipment intelligent linkage、Remote visualization collection control "and other domestic 7 leading technologies in smart mining,Realized the normal operation of intelligent mining of working faces。

At the same time,A series of "big country heavy weapons" major disaster prevention and control also bravely responsible。Carry out the mechanism of the occurrence mechanism and key technical research of the Orto -deep mines and key technologies for prevention and control,R & D "impact ground pressure -top plate water -surface sinking" composite disaster monitoring and early warning platform system,Optimized anti -rush mining design,Solved the problem of the sideways of the giant top plate.。To achieve the research goals based on precise stress control under the conditions of typical ore in the Ordos region,In -depth research on systematic,Get successful application,First formed a demonstration result of the area impact of ground pressure prevention and control。

Beyond Wan Mountain, "Great Power Heavy Instrument" gathers new highlights

Facing the new situation of the light boat over Wanzhong Mountain,Yankuang Energy has a calm understanding of the new journey: many thick coal seam resources in Yankuang Headquarters have been exhausted,The mining of thin coal seams has formed a scale,Urgent need to carry out key technical research on thin and thinner coal seam unmanned technology。Follow the transformation of innovation drive、Promoting development、There is still a certain gap for improving core competitiveness。

Constant summary of experience,Deeply vigilant and effectively solve the problem,During the decades of struggle,Yan Miner Energy attaches great importance to the exploration of its own development laws、Research、Grasp,Always grasp the initiative in the development trend。Secretary of the Party Committee of Yankuang Energy、General Manager Xiao Yao Meng said,From Yanzhou Coal Industry to Yankuang Energy,After more than 20 years of growth and grind、Accumulated precipitation,The company has spent the "Golden Ten Years",I have survived the "Industry Cold Winter",We ushered in the "strategic transition period"。

In this "strategic transition period",Especially in the next two years,Yan Mineral Energy Determination gives full play to the strategic support of technology on Yanko Energy Construction,Optimize your new layout of technology innovation,Use the advantages and resources in all aspects of use in all aspects,greatly enhance the ability and level of scientific and technological innovation,Realize the level of intelligent construction and domestic leaders,Disaster Prevention and Control Technical Leading in China,Leading in China,Currency equipment manufacturing level is domestic leading。Strive to win 1 National Science and Technology Award,5 provincial science and technology awards; 2 new national R & D platforms,3 new provincial and ministerial R & D platforms; 5 standards and above standards and above; 100 items of authorized invention patents。

Recent,Yankuang Energy to solve the key difficulties of the key difficulties for the agglomeration,Cultivate professional talent team,Strive for 2-3 years,Cultivate a batch of in the province、Domestic and internationally leading science and technology,Select 13 items of key technology and technology projects,As a key project, it is included in the 2022 Science and Technology Project Plan。Yankuang Energy Technology Innovation further presses the acceleration key。

In the conference room of Yankuang Energy Technology Quality Center,With PPT pages and playback,Show more top -level design and management art on scientific and technological innovation。Current,Technical Quality Center up and down is deployed in accordance with the unified arrangement of Yankuen Energy,Based on the function of the department,Innovation control mode,Strengthening responsibility and measures,Ensure that the innovative achievements of the "big country" have obtained sufficient high honor,Practicing greater results in Wanli Coal Sea。(Picture provided: Zhang Yanyan)

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