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Wonderful appearance of Yunding Technology Beidou Tiandi Company participated in the 14th China International Aerospace Expo

  Qi Mengying    Release Date: November 12, 2022

(Exhibition opening)

Recent,The 14th China International Aerospace Expo kicked off in Zhuhai,This Expo has more than 740 domestic and foreign companies from 43 countries (regions) to participate in the exhibition。Yun Ding Technology Beidou Tiandi Company "Beidou+" series and the latest technology products in the field of mining industry intelligence。

This current air show,Yun Ding Technology Beidou Tiandi Company exhibited the wireless self -network emergency communication command guarantee box、Wide -narrow belt self -connected radio station、Beidou II、Beidou II、High -precision form change monitoring terminal、Beidou high -precision car terminal、Car monitoring positioning terminal、Beidou Vehicle (dual network) positioning terminal、Occupational Health Big Data Platform, etc., over 40 high -tech products。Among them, more than half of the "new faces" exhibits are the first exhibition,The precision control and powerful performance shown by the product,attracted many audiences to stop and visit。

(Air Show scene)

The main "star product" of the Beidou Tiandi booth -wireless self -consolidation emergency communication command guarantee box,Has received high attention from the guests of the exhibitors and media from all walks of life。It integrates the wide and narrow band self -forming network、Fusion communication technology、Software dispatching platform、Anti -Net APP and multiple physical interfaces,Use visual graphics scheduling interface and touch screen operation,Quickly build a set of lunches at the scene without basic network facilities or emergencies、Video and other data transmission of scheduling command platform,Can meet the needs of emergency communication business to the greatest extent。At present, this set of equipment is mainly used in coal mine safety accidents、Natural disaster scene,fully demonstrated the company in the "Beidou+" field、Innovative capabilities and manufacturing standards of the mining industry intelligent industry。

(The staff explained to the visitors)

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