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Energy Group's Party Committee's inspection team petition acceptance channel

Author:    Release Date: April 09, 2024  Source: Euro 2024 qualifying results2024 EUROPEAN Cup Live Betting

Study through the Party Committee of Energy Group,March 27, 2024,Starting the 4th round of inspections of the Party Committee of Energy Group,Organize 2 inspection teams to conduct political medical examinations on the party committees of 4 second -level companies。Each 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceinspection team during the inspection has set up a report phone call,The time for accepting the phone every day is: 8: 00-18: 00。The time for the inspection team to accept letters and visits from June 15, 2024。

According to the requirements of the inspection and inspection work,The inspection Betting on Euro 2024team mainly accepted the reflection of the leadership team of the inspection party organization and its members、Letters of the main leaders of the leadership team of the next level of party organizations and important job leadership cadres issues come to call and visit,The point is about violating political Betting on Euro 2024discipline、Clean Discipline、Clean Discipline、Mass Discipline、Reporting and reflection in work discipline and life discipline。Other letters and visits issues that do not belong to the scope of inspection acceptance,It will be carefully handled by the inspection party organization and relevant departments European Cup football resultsin accordance with regulations。

The acceptance channels for the petitions of each inspection team are as follows:

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