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Li Wei led his team to inspect Huawei Company and talks with Meng Wanzhou

Author: Li Jing  Release Date: February 22, 2023  Source: 2024 EUROPEAN Cup Live Betting

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This website Shenzhen News  February 21,Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei led the team to the Huawei Bantian base for inspection,Vice Chairman of Huawei、Rotating Chairman、CFO Meng Wanzhou conducts discussions and exchanges,Deepen the cooperative relationship,Continue to jointly promote the intelligentization of the coal industry、Industrial transformation and upgrading to reach a consensus。Executive Director Huawei、Terminal BG CEO、Smart car solution bu CEO Yu Chengdong,Huawei Betting on Euro 2024Senior Vice President、Zou Zhilei, Chairman of the Coal Mine Legion,Standing Committee Member of the Shandong Energy Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Liu Jian attended the discussion。


In the discussion and exchange,Li Wei affirm the work of Huawei Coal Mine Legion in Shandong Energy Group,and introduced the reform and development of Shandong Energy Group。He said,No backward industry,Only backward technology。Current 5g、Big Data、Cloud computing、AI and other new information technologies in the ascendant,Smart mine construction is in full swing,The coal 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceindustry has ushered in a leapfrog development era。This high -level meeting,Give Huawei and Shandong Energy Group to deepen the broad space for intensive cooperation。

Li Wei said,Shandong Energy Group will increase the implementation of employees' health management,Further pay attention to the needs of employees' underneath and upper health management,Jointly promote the mining industry、The formulation and landing of health management standards for employees such as chemical industry。I hope that the two parties are creating a key informatization infrastructure、Continuous 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancejoint innovation and other fields to conduct in -depth cooperation,Realize mutual benefit and win -win。

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Meng Wanzhou introduced Huawei's business situation,And thanks to Shandong Energy Group's high recognition and support for Huawei。She said,Shandong Energy Group as a representative company in the domestic energy industry,The spirit of promoting the responsibility of large state -owned enterprises,It plays a pivotal role in ensuring regional energy security and economic development。Shandong Energy Group with the spirit of aggressive,Give full play to the leading role of the "chain 2024 European Cup Live Bettingleader" in the industry,Make due contributions to the high -quality development of the entire industry chain。As early as the end of 2021,Shandong Energy Group and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement,The two parties jointly promote the digital transformation of energy companies、Mining Intelligent、Industrial Chain Coordinated Development has established strategic partnerships。Huawei will insist on conducting strategic investment in the coal industry,Support the transformation of the coal industry。

Yu Chengdong's contribution to the landing and application 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancepromotion of Shandong Energy Group and Beidou Tiandi in the coal mine is highly recognized,also introduced Huawei's terminal business strategy and plan。

Li Wei also went to the Huawei Yunplak Exhibition Hall、F5G Light Innovation Lab and Smart Car Solution and Commercial Terminal Experience Center Visit。