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Shandong Energy Group's 2nd full -member job skills great competition event startup

Author: Li Jing Zhou Yong Kong Bin  Release Date: April 19, 2024

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This website News morning April 19,Shandong Energy Group holds the launch meeting of all job skills competition activities。The meeting implements the relevant spirit of superiors on the construction Euro 2024 qualifying resultsof Betting on Euro 2024skill talents,Arrange and deploy the second all -staff job skills great competition activities,Create the "big training on the group、Big Learning、Da Bao、Make quality、Big skills "strong atmosphere,To accelerate the construction of a world -class enterprise、Create "Four New State -Enterprises" to provide strong support。Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei attended the meeting and spoke。

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Li Wei pointed out,It is necessary to fully recognize the vivid practice of implementing the decision -making and deployment of super -level series of decisions,is to promote Shandong Energy Group to create new productive forces、The inevitable requirements of accelerating high -quality development,It is an effective measure to promote the improvement of the quality of the Euro 2024 qualifying resultsskill talent team of Shandong Euro 2024 qualifying resultsEnergy Group。Focus on building a world -class enterprise、Create the goal of "Four New State Enterprises",With a higher position、stricter standards、More realistic moves,Earnestly organize all employees' job skills to compete,Stimulate more employee learning technology、Practicing skills、Adult Book Collar,Let more skill talents realize the "fame and fortune" in the post。

Li Wei emphasized,To innovate formal carrier,Grasp the focus of work、Grasp the key link,Focus on "Five Persistence",Promoting the skills of all employees' job skills in depth。Persist in all members,Focusing on the type of industrial workers,Focus on the main responsibility、Key areas for key projects to carry out big competitions。Perseverance of actual performance,Guided by solving real Euro 2024 qualifying resultsproblems,Combining skill competition Euro 2024 qualifying resultswith actual training,Skills Big Competition become a "research station" for solving technical problems、"Incubator" of results transformation、"Training Ground" for the training of skill talents。Persist in raising the benchmark,Taking the level of craftsmanship as the goal,Research and formulation science and rigor、Program Details、Combat solution for easy operation,Innovation competition project evaluation mode,Refined scoring standard,Fully reflect the spirit of craftsman、Artisan level。Persist in radiation driving,With the quality of employees as the core,Development of strategic emerging industries,Actively participate in new occupation development、Vocational skills standards and evaluation specifications,Injecting "Source Living 2024 European Cup Betting EntranceWater" for the development of the talents European Cup football resultsof emerging industries。Persist in serious discipline,The principle of ensuring fairness and fairness,Control the technical standard、Judging Rules,The seriousness and fairness of maintenance activities。

Li Wei request,This event is a great competition for all employees' skills,Large time span、Involved in the face wide,Many participants、Organization difficulty。All units、Each department must effectively improve the ideological realm,Active active as,Promoting the orderly advancement of great competition activities、Land to see it。To strengthen organizational leadership,Tighten the work to implement the "responsibility chain",Carefully organize job skills competition work。To strengthen process control,Make sure the Betting on Euro 2024activity promotes "efficient and orderly",Correctly handle 2024 European Cup Live Bettingthe relationship between the training of military training and production safety,Combat technical competition with daily business、Combining the responsibilities of fulfilling the job,Make sure "Two Musles、Two Promotion "。To strengthen supervision and assessment,Establish a strict and serious "distinctive orientation",Reinforcement process supervision and result control。To strengthen publicity mobilization,Create a "good atmosphere" to catch up with than learning,Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to participate,To participate in all members、Comprehensive coverage。In -depth excavation of advanced skills selection of trees, typical,Propaganda reports of good experience in grass -roots competitions、European Cup football resultsGood approach,Vigorously create respect for respect、Respect talents、Respect Betting on Euro 2024labor、Respect the good atmosphere created。

Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Deputy General Manager Zhang Ruoxiang presided over the meeting,and put forward requirements for the implementation of the spirit of the meeting。

Meeting,Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Deputy General Manager Liu Jian read the "Implementation Opinions on Carrying out the Second All -member Job Skills"。Northwest Mining、Luxi Mining 2 units make a statement。

The meeting was held in the form of video。Shandong Energy Group leader Jiao Qisheng、Hou Yugang,Financial Director Yang Zaichang,executive Wu Qianqian、Sun Xikui、Xu Xichao attended the meeting。