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Shandong Energy Group held a first -quarter economic operation analysis meeting

Author: Li Jing Zhang Bo  Release Date: April 21, 2024

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This website News  In the Betting on Euro 2024afternoon of April 19,Shandong Energy Group held an analysis of economic operation analysis in the first quarter of 2024,Summarize the economic operation in the first quarter,Analysis of insufficient problems,Deployment work task for the next step,Mobilize organizations and cadres and workers at all levels to recognize the situation、firm confidence,Drama as、Struggle to attack,Resolutely realize the task of the first half of the year "double half"。

Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei commissioned,Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Zhang Ruoxiang attended the meeting and spoke。

Conference emphasized,Organs at all levels must conscientiously implement the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government、Provincial State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission deployment requirements,Implementing a series of conferences in Shandong Energy Group recently,Persist in open source and throwing equal emphasis,Based on stable output、Taking the cost control cost,Coordinating the relationship between "quantity and profit",Go all the way to reduce costs and reduce consumption、Increase income and create effects、Reform efficiency。To vigorously develop new quality productive Betting on Euro 2024forces,Beauty and strengthening coal main business,Extending the chemical industry chain,Do the scale of new energy,Cultivate and strengthen the new material industry,Consolidate and improve the equipment manufacturing industry,Quality and Efficiency Incretional Logistics Trade Industry。Focus on digging the potential reduction and efficiency,In -depth implementation of the "Eight Hard Measures",Story in the stock assets、Decreased corporate governance、Reduce expenses、Internal collaborative creation efficiency and other aspects、See the effectiveness、Real move、Dig potential,firmly complete the established European Cup football resultsgoal。Focus on the depth of production and sales,Make sure the output is stable、Stability of coal quality、Sales stable,Stability of the benefits。Focus on optimizing the investment layout,Comprehensively strengthen investment management and control,Investment decision -making for strength、Careful specifications; focus on investment management、There is a guarantee pressure;、Precise and fine。   

Meeting requirements,To deepen reform and innovation,Pay attention to the three system reforms、Technology Innovation、Asset securitization work,Fandering the difficulties of reform、The focus of 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceinterest and mechanism blocking points,Get substantial breakthroughs in solving deep -level contradictions。To prevent and resolve risks,Continue to improve compliance business consciousness,Scientific prevention of capital and debt risk,Please collect the force for increasing external overdue money,Grasp the work of stable and stable work,Resolutely keep a row of bottom lines,firmly completed the various economic goals and tasks of the whole year。

Yang Zaichang, the financial director of Shandong Energy Group, chaired the meeting.

The meeting notified the main indicator of the main indicators in the first quarter of economic 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceoperation and analysis,Precision incentives pre -cash in the first quarter。Sales arrangement and repayment measures at the situation in 2024。Yan Energy、Northwest Mining、Jubi Mine Group Chai Li Coal Mine Speaking around cost reduction and efficiency。

The meeting was held in the form of video。Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Deputy General Manager Liu Jian、Hou Yugang,Secretary of the board of directors、Secret Director Xu Xichao attended the meeting。