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Li Wei visit the main 2024 European Cup Live Betting on Euro 2024Bettingleader of the Qingyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government

Author: Li Jing  Release Date: April 23, 2024  Source: Shandong Energy Group


This website News  In the afternoon of April 23,Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei visited Huang Zeyuan, Secretary of the Qingyang Municipal Party Committee in Qingyang,Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee、Mayor Zhou Jijun。The two sides will speed up the implementation of Gansu、Strategic Deployment of the two provinces of Shandong,Fully accelerate the key project of "Long 2024 European Cup Live BettingElectric Entering Betting on Euro 2024Lu" for discussions and exchanges。

Li Wei to Qingyang Municipal Party Committee、Caring for the city government over the years、Thank you for support and help,and introduced the investment development of Shandong Energy Group in Qingyang City。Li Wei said,Current,Qingyang City implements the "two -wheel" driver、Adhere to the "three people" and advance、Strengthen the "Four Construction" support,A new period for promoting the high -quality development of 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceeconomic and social 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancedevelopment。Shandong Energy Group actively responds to the national "Western Development" strategy and the "Belt and Road" initiative,According to the "Long Dian Entering Lu" strategy and the three -party agreement plan,Fully promote the work of the relevant project's preliminary procedures and other work。I hope the Qingyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will be developing and constructing in key projects、Gives policy support for the allocation of new energy resource,Shandong Energy Group European Cup football 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceresultstransforms the advantages of Qingyang City into an economic advantage,Making Shanneng contribution for the high -quality development of the revolutionary old district。

Huang Zeyuan said,Shandong Energy Group's strong strength,Qingyang's red heritage deep、The regional advantage is obvious、Energy Resource Energy Collection,With heavy red cultural genes and rich resource endowment。Shandong Energy Group's industrial layout、Strategic Plan、Development path is highly consistent with European Cup football resultsthe development goals determined by Qingyang European Cup football resultsCity。I hope that the two parties will take a good job in the strategic development opportunities of "Long Dian Entering Lu" and the strategic development of the two provinces,Give full play to the area、Resource、Management advantage,Promote local enterprise cooperation and go deeply。Qingyang City will fully optimize the business environment、Be guaranteed,Give full support for the development of Shandong Energy Group in Qingyang。

2024 European Cup Live BettingDuring the discussion,Zhou Jijun introduced the basic situation and cooperation intention of Qingyang City。

Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Deputy General Manager Hou Yugang,The Secretary -General of Qingyang City Government Liu Xuanming attended the event。