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Xin Guanglong, Director of the Security Basic Department of the National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau, arrives in Shandong Energy Research

Author: Kong Bin Xue Rui  Release Date: April 25, 2024

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This website News On the afternoon of April 24,Xin Guanglong, Director of the Security Basic Department of the National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau,Secretary of the Party Group of the Shandong Bureau of the State Mining Safety Supervision Bureau、Director Zhao Yuanfang, accompanied by Zhao Yuanfang, went to Shandong Energy Betting on Euro 2024Research,Report on the revision of the Testing Plan of Shandong Energy Deep Safety Modeling Engineering Plan。Standing Committee Member of the Shandong Energy Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Zhang Ruoxiang received Xin Guanglong and his line。

Zhang Ruoxiang's State Mining Safety Supervision Bureau、Shandong Director has expressed his gratitude to Shandong Energy for a long time,And introduced the security development of the enterprise、Research 2024 European Cup Live Bettingon deep safety mining technology。He said,Shandong Energy will take this survey as an opportunity,Further improve the test plan of the kilometer mine project,Carefully organize engineering test,For the country、Provincial Shenzhen Coal Resources Safety Express provides experience with experience。

Xin Guanglong said,Implementation of a kilometer ore impact ground pressure and surrounding rock European Cup football resultsControl Engineering Test is a comprehensive European Cup football resultsinternship General Secretary Jinping "new energy security strategy、Energy System Revolution "requirements for important measures。Shandong Energy must accurately grasp the essence of policy,Combined with the actual production safety of the enterprise,Further optimize and improve the test plan。You must follow the "Pilot、Creative experience、Construction System "work target,Category deployment and deployment of coal mine deep mining European Cup football resultstechnology related,Actively do a good job of impact ground pressure、Control of surrounding rock、Top board management and other major disaster prevention work,Improve deep mine technology、Equipment、Level of disaster treatment,Contributing Mountain Energy for the sustainable development of the coal industry。

Shandong Energy Chief Engineer Sun Xikui conducted a special report on the specific revision of Shandong Energy Mito Mine and the Square Rock European Cup football resultsControl Engineering Test Plan.。

National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau、The person in charge of the relevant departments of the Shandong Bureau participated in the event。