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Shandong Energy Week will emphasize: grasp the study and strengthen implementation

Author: Li Jing Kong Bin  Release Date: June 11, 2024

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This website News On the morning of June 11,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy、Directors、General 2024 European Cup Live BettingManager Zhou Hong European Cup football resultspresided over the Shandong Energy Week Example,Communication and implementation of the emergency meeting of provincial enterprises' safety production prevention work,Listen to reports of the relevant work of each unit,Dynamic mastering、Scientific analysis last week's work,Arrange deployment of work tasks this week and recent work。

Conference emphasized,Organizations at all levels must comprehensively study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping to inspect important instructions for important speeches in Shandong、Party discipline learning education、The relevant spirit of the "Regulations of State -owned Enterprise Management Personnel",To be deeply learned、Fine enlightenment、Betting on Euro 2024Du Xing。To achieve the original Euro 2024 qualifying resultsstudy in learning methods、Expert Coaching、Timely follow -up、Contact Actual Learning、Concentrated discussions "Five Learning Links"; learning and use in learning requirements、Thinking、Combination with innovation,Armed minds with learning results、Guidance practice、Promoting work,Conscious learning、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Strive to be a wanting officer、Be able officers、Do it、Party members and cadres who do not happen。We must thoroughly implement the province's coal mine accident warning and flood season coal mine prevention and control water work meeting、Provincial Enterprise Enterprise Prevention Work Emergency Meeting、Group Party Committee Euro 2024 qualifying resultsStanding Committee (Expansion) 2024 European Cup Live BettingMeeting、New Mine Group Safety Supervision and Rectification Startup Session Four Meeting Spirit,Ensure for safe production with the high -pressure situation of strict control。To implement the responsibility to grasp the implementation,All units should insist on using safety production as a big event of the heavenly character,"Six Special Actions", "Six Rectification、6 improvement、Two guarantee "activities implementation plan。To focus on implementation,Persist in problem orientation、Requirements Guide、Target -oriented、Combination of effect orientation,According to safety production、Economic operation actual,Continue to make up for shortcomings、Strong and 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceweak items、Promotion Betting on Euro 2024improvement。We must concentrate on the implementation,Organize the situation of the situation for the situation、Safety Production Month and other series of activities,Make full use of the news media,Publicity advanced experience、Exposure negative typical,Strongly carrying out accident case warning education,Create "Everyone cares about security、Everyone participates in safety、The strong atmosphere of safety "。

Meeting requirements,Relevant units、The lead department must follow the requirements of the superior、Group deployment,Grasp the National Coal Mine Thin Coal Sea Intelligent Exchange Experience Exchange Exchange Site Meeting、Analysis of Economic Operation Betting on Euro 2024Activity、Development of three conference Euro 2024 qualifying resultsactivities for the Development of Lost Enterprise Governance。To strengthen coordination and cooperation,Pay attention to actual results,Adhere to the combination of coordination,Coordinated production safety、Economic operation、Stability of petitions,Continuously promote the deepening reform of enterprises、Increased quality and efficiency。Organizations at all levels must deeply understand the "Four Grab Implementation" requirements,Leading cadre、Executive、ordinary party members、The supervision department must from different angles,Find the right path,Grab implementation、Style in work style,Resolutely eliminate the slogan and 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceshout "Sing the Empty City"、拈 Afraid of "pretending"、Encountering 2024 European Cup Live Bettinga problem "detoured"、Get up the sleeve "Look at it"、The style of style "drag dry"、From Gan Pingyong's "almost" and "six phenomena"。

The meeting was held in the form of video。Shandong Energy Leader Zhang Ruoxiang、Jiao Qisheng、Liu Jian、Rugang、Liu Qiang、Hou Yugang,Chief Financial Director Yang Zaichang,executive Wu Qianqian、Sun Xikui、Zhu Qingrui、Xu Xichao attended the meeting。