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Shandong Energy Week will emphasize: Establishing advance consciousness Betting on Euro 2024to strengthen risk management 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceand control to ensure compliance according to law

Author: Zhou Yong Zhang Bo  Release Date: June 17, 2024


This website Jinan News  On the morning of June 17,Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei presided over the Shandong Energy Week Example,Convey the spirit of learning the province's optimization business environment,Listen to reports on the work of all units,Dynamic control、Scientific analysis last week's work,Arrange deployment this week and recent work tasks。


Li Wei pointed out,The province's optimized business environment conference Euro 2024 qualifying resultsfocuses 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceon more intensity to promote process re -construction,greater efforts to promote reform and innovation,Greater to promote digital empowerment,Comprehensive promotion of continuous optimization of the business environment,Focus on creating marketization、rule of law、International business environment。Organizations at all levels must carefully study and understand the spirit of optimizing the business environment in the province,Combined with the actual unit,Grasp the implementation,Promoting enterprises as a model in compliance in accordance European Cup football resultswith laws and regulations、European Cup football resultsDo a demonstration。To deeply learn from recent accident lessons,Wake up from the depth of thought、Really compact from the prevention and control system、Really in place from the implementation of the system,Constantly consolidate the foundation of safe development。We must continue to deepen the construction of dual prevention mechanisms,Strengthening the danger source recognition,Strengthen risk control,Timely govern hidden dangers,To determine measures to implement the risk of responding to safety uncertainty。We must systematically Euro 2024 qualifying resultssort out and improve the safety Betting on Euro 2024management and control system,Clarify the division of responsibilities,Pressing safety responsibility,Practical change of work style,Eliminate the phenomenon of fake empty air,Promoting work implementation,Measures implementation。The concept of "leaking is the accident" concept,Strict crafts、Equipment、Instrument、Electrical and other process、All factor security management,Strengthening major hidden dangers,Ensure the safety of the chemical industry。We must pay attention to heatstroke prevention Euro 2024 qualifying resultsand cooling work,Coordinating 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancethe work of "Three Defense in the Rain Season" and the work of chemical industry "Summer Four Defense",Develop a scientific emergency plan,Prevent extreme bad weather effects,Ensure safely and orderly safety production。

Li Wei request,Difficulty problems encountered in corporate reform and development,To establish advance consciousness,Advanced research risk,Do a good job of work,Power "Pioneer Chess",Fight "Active Fight"。To establish system thinking,System sorting out the problems in each link,Considering Pass Considering、European Cup football resultsCoordinated Promotion,Focus on the key、Grabbing Euro 2024 qualifying resultsand practical。To maintain work continuity,Make sure all the tasks are constantly file、No disconnection,Implement the orderly connection of the whole process、Pressing Pressing。

The meeting was held in the form of video。Director of Shandong Energy Group Zhou Hong、Zhang Ruoxiang、Jiao Qisheng、Rugang、Liu Qiang、Hou Yugang,Financial Director Yang Zaichang,executive Wu Qianqian、Sun Xikui、Zhu Qingrui、Xu Xichao attended the meeting。