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Provincial Enterprise Health Meeting Meeting was held

Author: Daily  Release Date: February 01, 2021  Source: Shandong Energy Group

On the morning of January 27th,Provincial enterprise leaders meeting was held in Jinan。The meeting revolved around the party's 19th Fifth Plenary Session、The spirit of the Economic Work Conference of the Central and Provincial Party Committee,Implementation requirements for implementing the head of the local SASAC and the deployment requirements of the director meeting of the Office of the Office of the Leading Group for the Reform of the local state -owned enterprise,Review and summarize the achievements of the provincial state -owned state -owned enterprises in 2020 and the "13th Five -Year Plan" achievement,Research and Planning "14th Five -Year Plan" key task,and make arrangements for the work in 2021。5 companies made exchange speeches。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC、Director Zhang Bin attended the meeting and spoke。

Zhang Bin pointed out,In 2020、Forwarding for pressure,Provincial -owned state -owned state -owned enterprises' reform and development achieve remarkable results。Facing severe and complex external situations、The difficult and heavy reform and development task,Especially the serious impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic,Provincial enterprises do a good job of "six stability" work、Implement the "Six Insurance" mission,Powerful promotion of the "countdown" reform tackling,New results in various tasks。Provincial enterprises achieved a total of 1728.6 billion yuan in operating income all year round,increased by 12.7%year -on -year; the total profit realized 70.6 billion yuan,decreased by 9.3%year -on -year (if you consider the impact of the policies of the epidemic situation,increased by 4.5%year -on -year); total assets reached 3594.9 billion yuan,increased by 10.6%year -on -year。

Zhang Bin emphasized,To grasp the situation、Seize the opportunity,Scientific planning "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" overall work。To force force from 5 aspects: Focus on creating an innovative -driven state -owned enterprise,Highlight the construction of independent innovation capabilities; focus and improve the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics,Continuously deepen market -oriented reform; focus on serving the overall development of the province,Give play to the role of state -owned economic strategic support; focus on enhancing the ability to create the value of state -owned capital,Comprehensively improve the level of operation and management; focus on consolidating the political guarantee of reform and development,Promote the comprehensive and strict party。

Zhang Bin request,Stop hard、Striving for the first time,Do a solid work this year's key work。Be sure to do a good job of economic operation,Accelerate investment landing,Vigorous digging potential to increase efficiency,Increase the "dual -move and double quotes"; do a good job of scientific and technological innovation and implementation,Strengthen key core technical research on scientific research; we must do a good job of implementing the three -year operation of state -owned enterprise reform,Improve the comprehensive results of reform; further standardize company governance operation,Deepen the reform of mixed ownership,Consolidate the results of the three system reform,Increase the intensity of medium and long -term incentives; we must grasp the layout structure adjustment and implementation,Improve the efficiency of state -owned capital allocation。High -quality preparation and implementation "14th Five -Year Plan,Continue to deepen the internal reorganization integration,Always adhere to "the main business of attacking the main business"; do a good job of risk prevention and control and implementation,Ensure that all tasks of reform and development are safe and stable。Always maintain high -pressure production safety,Do not relax and grasp the normalization epidemic prevention and control,Effectively prevent the risk of resolving debt; we must do a good job in the construction of the party's leadership and party,Comprehensively improve the quality of party building in state -owned enterprises。

Secretary of the Party Committee of Enterprises of the Provincial Enterprise、Chairman、General Manager,Leading cadres at or above the deputy department of the Provincial State SASAC,Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Party Committee、The main responsible comrades of all offices of the organs attended the meeting。