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Provincial state -owned state -owned state -owned enterprise economic operation realized the first month of opening the doorburn

Author: Cui Bo  Release Date: February 11, 2021  Source: Shandong Energy Group

On the occasion of the Spring Festival,Provincial state -owned asset -owned state -owned enterprises came from Jiebao: economic operation realized door opening,Main business indicatorsA large increase in the first month,Running out of the new speed of the development of state -owned assets and state -owned enterprises in Shandong,The start of the province's "14th Five -Year Plan" start to make a state -owned enterprise as a state -owned enterprise。

Main financial indicators present "two liters and one good" feature

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According to the Financial Express,January 2021,Cumulative total operating income of 141.77 billion yuan,40.14%year -on -year; cumulative total profit of 6.767 billion yuan,increased by 113.12%year -on -year; net profit was 4.851 billion yuan,increased by 131.91%year -on -year; net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company was 818 million yuan,Turn a year -on -year losses to a profit increase of 1.128 billion yuan。At the end of January,The total assets of the provincial enterprise 3734.321 billion yuan,increased by 7.43%year -on -year。

Compared with the same caliber in January 2019,Total operating income increased by 38.69%,Cumulative achievements increased by 50.11%,Net profit increased by 13.38%,Net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company increased by 12.06%,The total assets of the provincial enterprise increased by 17.16%。

The highlights of the economic operation of the provincial enterprise

Shandong EnergyAdhere to innovation market,Growing up with quality improvement,Continuous strengthening production and sales coordination,Constantly amplifying the exclusive synergy effect。Coal、Chemical industry and other major sections have achieved year -on -year growth,Among them, the revenue of commercial coal realizes revenue of 9.057 billion yuan,increased by 1.528 billion yuan year -on -year; methanol achieved revenue of 522 million yuan,increased by 38 million yuan year -on -year; coke achieved revenue of 657 million yuan,increased by 145 million yuan year -on -year; the group's scale effect further increased。

Shandong Heavy IndustryFocus on the reform of state -owned enterprises,Fully release the reorganization collaborative effect、Rearial effect,Product、Three major structures of business and market are fully adjusted,In January, operating income increased by 71%year -on -year,Total profit increased by 104%year -on -year。Engine sales exceeded 150,000 units,increased by 66%year -on -year,A record of the highest monthly sales history。

Shangang GroupProfitability continuously improves。The steel sector continues to maintain growth,Especially Rizhao Company overcomes the factors brought about by the increase in prices of ore,Give full play to the advantages of the specifications,A year -on -year profit of 260 million yuan; the mining sector seize market opportunities,A year -on -year profit of 70 million yuan。

Shandong PortOvercoming the impact of the epidemic,Stable existing supply,Fight for high -quality customers。January,Shandong port cargo throughput completes 128 million tons,increased by 4.9%year -on -year; container throughput completed 2.844 million standard box,increased by 10.1%year -on -year。

Shandong High SpeedCoordinate promoting the prevention and control of epidemic conditions and production and operation,Realizing the prevention and control of the epidemic is strong and orderly,Various production and operation indicators grow steadily。January total operating income of 11.064 billion yuan,increased by 36.37%year -on -year; total profit of 946 million yuan,increased by 1021.34%year -on -year; net profit was 752 million yuan,increased by 3040.62%year -on -year; total assets at the end of January 1 trillion,Continue to maintain the industry's leading position。The level of highway operation service continues to improve,Market consciousness is continuously enhanced,Active "Quoting on the Road",The profit of the highway operation business increased by 630 million yuan year -on -year;,Accelerate the planning design and information business expansion,Related industrial profits increased by RMB 68 million year -on -year; railway transportation、Logistics business stable production increase,Logistics business revenue increased by 854 million yuan year -on -year。

Huaru GroupMain indicators Create a new high monthly history。Understanding the international market、New and old kinetic energy conversion、Optimized adjustment、Precise strategies for improving the efficiency of quality and efficiency、Continuous Force。In January, the group realized operating income of 3.052 billion yuan,increased by 47.6%year -on -year; the total profit realized 475 million yuan,increased by 85.2%year -on -year; net profit of home mother was 124 million yuan,increased by 92.8%year -on -year; exported foreign exchange 51 million US dollars,increased by 4.1%year -on -year。Chemical and pharmaceutical main production device full load operation,Production and sales is two prosperous; two specifications of cephalosporin tablets are the first in the country to pass the consistency evaluation of generic drugs; 100mg and 200mg specifications in the nation's fourth pharmaceutical collection in the country; Quality improvement project driving debugging; Lubang Pharmaceutical 7ADCA project has been tried and produced。 

Focus on creating an innovative -driven state -owned enterprise

Since 2021,The Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC resolutely implemented the decision -making and deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government,Promote the provincial enterprise based on the new development stage、Implement the new development concept、Deep integration into the new development pattern,Implementation plan for the three years of reform of state -owned enterprise reform,Vigorously implement quality improvement and efficiency、Scientific and technological innovation and talent strong enterprise strategy,firmly becoming stronger, doing excellence, big capital and state -owned enterprises。Provincial enterprises seize opportunities、Responsibility as,Comprehensively strengthen production and operation management,Promote various tasks solidly,Ensure that the economic operation of the provincial enterprise continues to improve。

According to an introduction,In the next step, the state -owned state -owned enterprise of the province will focus on creating an innovative -driven state -owned enterprise,Highlight the construction of independent innovation capabilities,Deepen market -oriented reform,Enhance the ability to create the value of state -owned capital,Comprehensively improve the level of operation and management,Continue to play the role of state -owned economic strategic support; it will grasp the quality improvement and efficiency、Technology Innovation、Risk prevention and control,Ensure that the work of reform and development is safe and stable,Continuously improve the comprehensive results of the reform; it will score the clock、Standardized hard work,Three -year action of the reform of state -owned enterprises,Efforts to promote the high -quality development of the state -owned economy,Make greater contributions to the construction of modernization in the new era。