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Xinhua News Agency: focus on this year's work! Three -year operation of state -owned enterprise reform entered the battle of ending

Author:    Release Date: January 19, 2022  Source: Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 18th.,Become a big highlight of comprehensive deepening reform。"Deputy Director of the State Council State -owned Enterprise Reform Leading Group,Member of the Party Committee of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council、Deputy Director Weng Jieming said。The Office of the State -owned Enterprise Reform Leading Group Office of the State Council held a three -year action promotion meeting for the three -year action of state -owned enterprise reform。

2022 is the year of the three -year operation of state -owned enterprise reform、The year of ending。Weng Jieming said,Three -year operation of state -owned enterprise reform will be locked in 2022 and completes key tasks at high quality、Make up for shortcomings and weaknesses、Seeking the effectiveness of reform、Realize the institutionalization of reform and solidification,Ensure that the full victory ended。

Each central enterprise,Each central enterprise、SASAC and local state -owned enterprises in various places and local state -owned enterprises、Running Time,Achieving annual goals of 70%of the three -year reform task,I have achieved a series of important stages of results。

Data of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission,As of the end of 2021,Central Enterprise Group Corporation and important subsidiaries、Local first -class enterprises and important subsidiaries have completed the formulation of the list;、94.2%; central enterprises "two non -main business、Non -advantage) The completion rate of the peeling rate reaches 86.9%,Local "Two Africa" ​​and "Two Assets" (inefficient assets、Infernal assets) The completion rate of the clearance and exit reached 87.9%...

The above data is part of the transcripts of the past two years in the three years of reform of state -owned enterprise reform。

2022 is the year of the three -year operation of state -owned enterprise reform、The year of ending,So,What is the focus of state -owned enterprise reform this year,How to do it?

"Blasting through fixed -point、Targeting of targeting,To ensure that the fundamental breakthrough in key difficulties in the first half of the year,and complete the three -year action main task,Complete the tail sweeping work by the end of this year。"Weng Jieming said。

Weng Jieming said,The task faced by state -owned enterprise reform this year is still very arduous、urgency、Heavier,We must focus on the imbalance of reform progress、Not enough penetration、Some reform measures are reached and God is less than、The mechanism is not in place and other outstanding problems。All units should focus on the following six key tasks:

First,Effectively improve the construction and operation quality of the board of directors。The second is to closely focus on improving efficiency and stimulate vitality,Promoting various measures to promote the marketization mechanism comprehensively go deeply。Third, technological innovation incentives should be more accurate and powerful,Create a group of original technical sources。Fourth, strengthen efforts to advance structural adjustment and slimming fitness,Resolutely prevent and resolve major risks。Five is the reform of the classification of enterprises due to the classification of the company.,Grasp the key key and improve the accuracy。Six is ​​to comprehensively strengthen the supervision of the rule of law in the rule of law,Make full use of the effectiveness and advantages of state -owned assets supervision。

How to ensure that high -quality complete three -year action goals and tasks of state -owned enterprise reform?

Weng Jieming said,To resolutely eliminate "paper" reform and "digital" reform,Whether the reform has promoted the internal governance mechanism of the enterprise、Employment mechanism、The transformation of the mechanism level of the incentive mechanism,Whether it really generates reforms from quantitative change to qualitative change,As a focus point of work this year。

At the same time,Region where the work progress is lagging、Enterprise、task,All places、Each central enterprise must check the shortage in time,Conducts to catch up,Especially the central enterprises to be below the third level,Provincial SASAC,and the prefecture -level State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission itself,To increase guidance supervision and promote promotion。Want horizontal、Vertical "dual -dimensional" is completed and accepted,High standard clearing zero sales number,Resolutely break the "mid -obstruction",Open the "Last Mile"。

"The reform assessment evaluation mechanism should effectively play the role of the 'command stick',Reform assessment evaluation results shall operate the performance of the person in charge of the enterprise、Leading team comprehensive assessment and evaluation and other rigid hooks。"Weng Jieming said。

It is understood,At present, the Office of the State -owned Enterprise Reform Leading Group of the State Council has launched the right place、Evaluation and evaluation of the reform work of central enterprises in 2021。