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From the loss of nearly 100 million yuan to the turn to the new material company Xin Sheng Industrial

  Fan Zhenfeng  Wu Ho    Release Date: April 23, 2024

The most beautiful world April。New Materials Company Xin Sheng Industrial Council Flora Wicker and Green、Yingge Yanyan Wu,A refreshing comfortable sense of comfort comes on the face。

What is even more exciting is,Xin Sheng Company has changed from an annual loss of up to 100 million yuan "Boss Difficulty" to "Xiangxiang" for deepening reforms,In the first quarter of this year,Under the environment where the economic situation is extremely severe,Realize the overall turn of losses into profit。

How to get out of the "quagmire"? The reporter walked into Xin Sheng Company to find out。

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Xin Sheng Company is the transformation unit of the former Budu Village Coal Mine,7 subsidiaries 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceof subordinates in 2021,Covering new materials、Betting on Euro 2024Mine Service、Property Service、Building materials、Trade、Hot and electricity and other industries。

"The main business unit's profitability is not strong,​​Small scale of non -main unit、Poor benefits,Lost unit reaches 4 households,The business situation is not optimistic。"" Xin Sheng Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman Wang Jian said,Since 2021,With the sharp rise in coal prices, the power plant loses a significant loss,The company's operation is even worse,Losses of more than 96 million yuan in 2022,The company faces the challenge of life and death。

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Struggle in the same difficulties,Is the wrestling of material,It is a spiritual counterpart。

"No reform is death,The reform is not deep.。Must be determined by the strong men and the courage to fight the water.、Elimination of disease root。"Remembering the decision at that time,Wang Jian is deeply touched。They combined with Shandong Energy Group's non -main business integration requirements and new material companies to arrange deployment,According to "Rotating、Logging out、Integrated "method,From the development of enterprises、Starting the basic point that is conducive to the well -being of employees,Actively strive for policy、Communicate with the receiving unit,Fully spread out non -main Euro 2024 qualifying resultsbusiness integration and disposal work。

The biggest resistance of non -main business integration is the placement of personnel。Due to family reasons、Questions such as job grade treatment and place of work,It is difficult for most employees to accept re -selection and resettlement。"We adhere to the first step of ideological work,Working plan for advancement,Carrying out ideological research and policy interpretation,Key personnel carry out ‘one -to -one’ thought guidance,Make sure the entire non -main business integration process is successfully carried out。"Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinli Company、Deputy General Manager、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Chairman of the Trade Union Liu Guoqiang said。

As of the end of December 2023,Two subsidiaries with mine services and property services as their main business have been successfully transferred to Northwest Mining and Development Service Group,Not only does it lose the baggage for Xin Sheng Company,Also seek a new way for 823 practitioners。

At the same time,Xin Sheng Company's cancellation of a new Shengsheng Optoelectronics with poor profitability、Chenglong Building Materials and Naval Wingda Company,New material main business integration resources、Learning Management,Comprehensive optimization and improvement Betting on Euro 2024of management operations。So far,New Sheng Company'European Cup football resultss loss points have been reduced from 4 to 1,Achieved lighting。

Find the pain point  Strong management reduction cost

New Sheng heat power plant was built in 1996,Residents with 4.65 million square meters of residents in the southern area of ​​Zhangqiu District in winter heating in winter and more than 20 factories' supply mission。2022 due to the continuous operation of coal prices,The operating cost of the thermal power plant is high,The loss reaches more than 1 billion,is the biggest pain point for the serious losses of the new company。

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"For state -owned enterprise social responsibility and people's livelihood project,The thermal power plant cannot be turned off in a short time。"Wang Jian said,If you can't get off, you must find a way to save,They insist on the "two lines" internal and external at the same time,Want to do everything to let the power plant "start death"。

External,They actively strive for local policy subsidies,2022-2023 A total of more than 56 million yuan in policy subsidies; coordinating government steam cost supervision,Strive to increase the heating price,Realizing an efficiency of 1.4 million yuan。Inner,They make full use of the internal collaborative advantages of the energy group,Fight for more Changxie Coal Supply; Coal procurement price in the benchmark 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancearea,Buy high -quality coal at the lowest price at the region,To European Cup football resultsmaximize the reduction of the source of purchases。In 2023, they purchased 120,000 tons of Changxie Coal,ton coal price is about 300 yuan lower than the market price of about 300 yuan,Only this item saves 31.85 million yuan。

At the same time,The blade of the thermal power plant is self -revolutionary inward,Efficiency to reform、Effective efficiency of management。They surround energy saving and consumption reduction、Protecting quality and efficiency to carry out the "Unveil List Handsome" competition,Promoting crew equipment transformation、Optimization of the heating system、Strengthen fuel management、Optimize the doping plan,Ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of the thermal power unit。

Under the blessing of a series of internal and external measures,2023 Thermal power plant tons of auto label coal consumption decreased by 1.37%year -on -year,Reduce the cost of coal 2.18 million yuan,4#Units increased the power generation by 6.97 million kilowatt -hours after the technical reform of the crew,Creative effect is about 2.79 million yuan,Basically achieve profit and loss balance。

Deep dig into the internal dive  Make additional quality and efficiency

While doing a good job of industrial cost reduction,They also seriously study how to do a good job in financial efficiency。

Surrounding cost reduction and efficiency,They actively carry out Betting on Euro 2024taxation and efficiency、Innovation and effectiveness,Pay close attention to account receivables and "two gold" occupation management,In -depth promotion of the "two increases, three declines and four improvements" activity,Normal stock assets、Optimize resource allocation,Get a significant effect。Among them, more than 1,400 million yuan in taxation efficiency,Enjoy more than 1,500 million yuan for innovation subsidies,"Two increases and three declines and four improvements" work fully completed the superior to give the index task。

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It is worth mentioning that the Clearance of Wing Yida Company for nearly 60 million yuan overdue。In 2019, Hangyida invested 59.8 million yuan for cooperation trade,Due to the failure of the partner's investment、Fund break chain,Cliff -type contraction and other reasons for the market,As a result, the investment cost of the Aeroni company cannot be recovered。In the following years,They have been pursuing arrears through procedures such as judicial lawsuits,But due to intricate management and asset relationships due to internal intricate management,No substantial progress has not been achieved。

"All state -owned enterprises,Lost is also the country's money,No need to be so desperate "" There are no results European Cup football resultsin four or five years,The probability is whether it is back "...。Choose to give up Euro 2024 qualifying resultshere,Or do you find a breakthrough?

In the face of difficulties,Xin Shengren resolutely chose the latter。They set up a "first -in -hand" coach,Many running around in Jinan、Qingdao、Zibo,One unit、Communicate and coordinate each department,Think of every way to break through。"The entire event is complex and changeable,How many times see hope,How many times to push down and come back,but we never give up。"Wang Jian introduced,In the process of clearing the whole process, the provincial management department is involved、Judicial Department、State -owned enterprise、Individual partner and other parties,Competition to the front and confrontation,One round of consultation negotiations,If you carelessly, you will lead to your full disk。

Thousands of thousands of somewhere hard,Blowing the mad sand to start to gold。With the joint efforts of all parties,December 2023,6103 million yuan (including principal and interest) overdue arrears all recovered,The effort of the newly promoted people is not in vain,Efforts finally got harvested。One alone is not spring,Baihua Qi Qi Chun Manyuan。Xin Sheng Company also gives full play to the role of market economy leverage and internal collaborative advantages,In -depth promotion of 2024 European Cup Live Bettingthe "six essence and six mention" integration management,Effects with lean management。2023,The Betting on Euro 2024company has more than 4.1 million yuan in lean creators。

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