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Shuangxin Mining: "Smart Logistics" opens a new "targeted" transportation mode

Author: Ma Liangliang  Release Date: April 23, 2024  Source: Northwest Mining Shuangxin Mining Company

April 20th Central Class,Northwestern Mining Shuangxin Mining Company Company Company Deading Team Wang Guangqian will arrange the class task before Euro 2024 qualifying resultsthe class,Open the smart logistics app,Select the materials and quantity required for the class,Click "Place Order"。After half an hour,When he reaches the tuning leader,The driver of the transport team also just carries the corresponding material reaches of the order,Unloading the truck、After confirmation,Wang Guanggan scanned the code to sign ......

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"I couldn't transport it for 2 hours when I had the material before,and sometimes the quantity we want、Types more or less biased。After the application of 'Smart Logistics',Not only can you view the vehicle location in real time,Quantity and types are also consistent with what we want,Basically half an hour every time can be available,This is a lot of convenience。"Wang Guangqian laughed and praised" Smart Logistics "。

"Smart Logistics" mentioned by Wang Guangqian is one of the many projects in the process of promoting the construction of the company's smart mine。This system is efficient and automated by distribution、Data analysis value、Management and control is lean -oriented,Enter the intelligent logistics transportation system into the vehicle transportation management platform、​​Warehouse Management System,Management through the QR code process、Multi -terminal high -efficiency collaboration、The Internet of Things trajectory tracking and other methods to realize the intelligent order of materials、Concentrated delivery、One -stop delivery,Full -process control mode of "district team placing order -scheduling order -driver pick -up -loading confirmation -driver delivery -signing 2024 European Cup Live Bettingconfirmation",Realize the full -process information -based closed -loop control。

When a new transportation demand appears,This system can quickly analyze the destination、Priority and other task features,Combining vehicle location、Operating status、Estimated to arrive in real -time data,Instructions for instant automatic scheduling instructions,Avoid manual operations before、Information renewal caused by traditional communication methods、Resource matching is not accurate enough and other problems。

"Now the transportation task is issued fast and accurate,Material name、Transportation location and other key information is clear at a glance。This process does not need to be notified or tedious handmade document circulation,We will go directly to the designated place after Euro 2024 qualifying resultsreceiving the order,greatly compressed the communication cost,The response time from distribution to order is shortened to 3 minutes。"The company's transport team driver Niu Jiaguo said。

For those in the past、During the material process,Often, there will also be district teams with insufficient vehicle capacity、Temporary vehicles are more frequently、Difficulty in handling the procedures of the car,For this,They added vehicle borrowing management modules to the smart logistics system,The car department only needs to log in to the system,Fill in the required models、quantity、Borrowing time and other necessary information,The electronic approval process triggered by it will be automatically delivered to the transport team、Vehicle maintenance department and Shuangxin 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancemining vehicle management center for efficient approval,Achieving the whole process of the vehicle borrowing process。

"Application of vehicle borrowing management module,significantly compressed the borrowing process processing time,Effectively avoid vehicle borrowing conflict,and through real -time monitoring and systematic scheduling,Make sure the vehicle resources are optimized。"The company's smart transportation commissioner Ran Lingcai said。

At the same time,The system records the entire department's transportation service in real time,Automatic remittance of various types of transportation data,and generate a detailed report on a monthly basis,greatly simplified the calculation and settlement process of horizontal transactions,solved the cumbersome artificial Betting on Euro 2024statistics process、Effective problems,Make sure that horizontal transaction data is precise、Strong timeliness。

"Next step,We continue to anchor ‘green、Security、Smart、Efficient 'Mine Construction Objective,Relying on scientific and technological innovation forces,Strengthen the intelligentization of the entire transportation process、Refined、transparent and efficient management,Constantly improving the smart logistics management system,Continue to promote the dual improvement of the quality and efficiency of the company's internal transportation services,Constantly pioneering standardization、New situation of intelligent development。"Li Xin, deputy general manager of the company said。

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