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Zhai Zhen Coal Mine: Treat costs and grasping "key" increase efficiency "good recipes"

Author: Shi Jing  Release Date: April 23, 2024

"In the first quarter,Our material fee、The cost 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceof the unit decreases 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceby 10.337 million yuan and 7.94 yuan/ton compared with the group company's plan,It has achieved staged results ... "At the first quarter economic operation analysis meeting of Zhai Zhenzhen Coal Mine, Xin Mining Group,The Chief of the Mine Bai Yangtze River made a comprehensive summary of the cost -reducing cost and efficiency in the first quarter。

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(Zhai Zhen Coal Mine held a first quarter economic operation analysis and cost reduction and efficiency promotion meeting)

Since this year,Zhai Zhen Coal Mine is carried out with the "low -cost strategy promotion year" as the starting point,Combined with the actual mine,Formulate measures、Pay attention 2024 European Cup Live Bettingto implementation,Strict European Cup football resultscost control,Comprehensively improve the quality of the mine's economic operation。

Reduce cost,Material management is the main battlefield。The mine takes material management and control as an important part of the implementation of the "low -cost strategy",Formulate the "Manage Measures for the Implementation of the Effective Implementation of Low -cost Strategic Promotion of Promoting the Year of the Operation",Construction ore、Professional、Ministry、District Team、Team、Job Sixth Level Something reduction and efficiency increase management platform,Clarify the cost management and control target at Betting on Euro 2024all levels,Decompired and implemented various 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancegoals,Forms vertical to edge,The management system of horizontal to the end。Improvement of materials management measures,Formulate control measures,Award and punishment for all units' holidays,Rigid assessment,Improve the consciousness of all members,Implement the material warning system,Forcing all units to grasp the material cost management and control。

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(Carrying out "two increases, three declines and four improvements" discussion activities)

"Current,Great production and operation pressure of enterprises,We need to use material management as a downward settlement in the coal market、Important European Cup football resultsmeans of cost control,Copy external uncertainty Betting on Euro 2024with its own certainty,Go all out to reduce costs,benefits。"The mine enhanced situation Taste education,Let cadres and employees fully understand the severe challenges facing the company,Guide employees to internalize the reduction of consumption for saving branches、Externalization,Let the "tight days" thought implement all aspects of work,Dets of bits that penetrate into daily work,Maximum control cost、Increase benefits。

Only find out "family bottom",Only target。This mine fully carried out special investigation operations for clearing warehouses,Establishing materials and equipment Euro 2024 qualifying resultsapproval、Price verification、Acceptance Management、Betting on Euro 2024Use tracking、Reuse of adjustment、Scrap disposal full process management cost reduction system,Eliminate the backlog of materials、Active idle supplies。In the first quarter,This mine manages the cost reduction system through running a full process,Achievement reduction of more than 1,800 million yuan。At the same time,This mine also do everything possible to do well in material self -made processing、Recycling and reuse、Three "Big Articles" for repairing Old Profit and waste,Encourage employees for old equipment、Old materials、Old accessories cycle use,Improve material recovery rate、Reuse rate,Betting on Euro 2024Further reduce costs and expenses。

"Next step,We will continue to grasp the work of reducing costs and increase efficiency,Start with a small account,Go to the big goal,Continue deepening business orientation、Target -oriented,Taking cost control as the starting point,Taking profit as a foothold,Cut the cost -reducing efficiency and increase efficiency work,Lay a solid foundation for achieving the annual task goals。"The chief of the mineral chief Bai Yangtze River said。

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