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Li Lou Coal Industry: Effective "Material Account" lives a good "tight life"

Author: Zhengzhou  Release Date: April 23, 2024

Now,What is the value of 1 yuan? Lollipop in children's mouth,or a pencil。

Under hundreds of meters,Vainstone and coal exist like "green Betting on Euro 20242024 European Cup Betting Entranceplum bamboo horses"。During the washing process,Separation of coal pupa,Coal flow into the market tide,and the vermiculite no one asks,The price is as low as 1 yuan/ton,The value of the two is hundreds of times the difference。Thinking changes the world width,Luxin Mining Lilou Coal Industry uses 1 yuan/ton washing,The "value" of 1 yuan has risen by 240 times。 

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(Raising the value of the reuse of 矸)

"Thoughts' Broken Ice" can lead to leading breakouts,We replace it through washing,increase the value of 1 yuan to 240 yuan,It can save more than 10,000 yuan per month。"The company's party committee secretary、Chairman、General Manager Ji Yonghu said,The vermiculite that they removed during the coal washing process,After the screening and the Betting on Euro 20242024 European Cup Betting Euro 2024 qualifying resultsEntrancehardness sampling test after the hardness sampling,Swallow the stirring material used in the stones and cement ground under the undercuts of the undercuts,Material costs can save nearly 130,000 yuan per year。

Since this year,Li Lou Coal Industry places cost control and control in more prominent、More critical position,Adhere to "standard operation、High -efficiency operation、High -quality operation "management concept,Deepen the implementation of the "two transformations",Grasping is not necessary, worthless waste, check,Enhanced material cost management and control,Really "can earn money and not waste",Conspling the cost reduction,Deep excavation potential creation benefits,Turn cost -saving "gold abacus"。

They insist Euro 2024 qualifying resultson 2024 European Cup Live Betting"quantitative income、Comprehensive regulation、Pay attention to effectiveness "principle,Establish and implement the "Administrative Measures for Comprehensive Budget",Combined with the actual mine work,Increase 34 controllable costs into budget management,Adopt "annual control+monthly control", "general control+single control", "unit+professional" comprehensive control,Strictly check the expenses of various expenses,Resolutely eliminate no budget expenditure、Super budget expenditure and other questions,Make sure cost control is really accurate、Control。

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(Cost of the Old Progressive Land Cost)

Multi -faceted Guang,What is the actual usage after the material is collected?

"We found it during the inspection European Cup football resultsof the wells,Some units take the materials 2024 European Cup Live Bettingback,Can't use it immediately,Instead, the material is piled up in one piece,Some places are stuffy and humid,It is very likely to reduce the effect of material usage,Cause material waste。"The company's material waste pension team member Chen Anbang said,"Million years old,Not as well as carefully。Waste is the biggest problem that causes high costs,It is also the biggest 'potential stock'。”

They combined with the actual situation,Revised and improved material management assessment methods,Specialized Establishment of Materials Waste the Ponds of the Division,Sub -class、Pay inspections of various operating locations in the section,Increase the supervision and management Betting on Euro 2024of the on -site materials of the field,Prevent material waste,Reduce production cost。

The company insists on having old and not new,Relying on "Material Supermarket",Register for old materials,Dynamically improve various inventory accounts,Turning doses through materials accessories、Measures such as recycling and reuse of old materials,Strict control of new materials,Further revitalize inventory materials,Realize clear warehouse library。

Introduction of Wang Jun,They strengthen comprehensive budget analysis early warning,Through the current and cumulative budget differences、Different rate performed comprehensive analysis,Create a "red orange yellow" three -level warning response mechanism,Check the cause in time、Betting on Euro 20242024 European Cup Betting EntranceFormulate measures,Continue to increase budget assessment strength,Make sure to spend money in European Cup football resultsyour heart、Save money and not waste。

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(Reuse of waste materials)

Let the cadres and employees firmly establish the thought of "spend a tight life",Persistence of "Home" is another measure for the company's cost control。They optimize "avoiding the peak to fill the valley",Widely carried out "saving from me to start" activity,Guide all members to consciously regulate construction、Regular operation、Maintenance with heart,Eliminate material waste from the source,Reduce production operation cost,Continuously improve the level of safety and economic mining。

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