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Liangbao Temple Coal Mine: Lean Management "Golden Key" stimulates new kinetic energy

Author: Li Lingyun  Release Date: June 06, 2024

"2K315 working noodles high strict control within 2.5m,Make sure the working surface cuts less rock、Reduce raw coal content。”

"Improve the efficiency of pressure relief to promote single advancement,Make sure that each compressor drilling car can reach 6 unload holes in each class。”


Recent,At the promotion meeting of the Betting on Euro 2024"Six 2024 European Cup Betting EntranceExtraction and Six Templates" in Liangbao Temple coal mine in Luxi Mining,A wave of lean management around a "brainstorming storm" around cost control。Participants have been immersed in the focus of fine calculation materials。This scene is not accidental,but the mine is deeply cultivating lean management,Strengthen the "big market、Calculating account "business philosophy,Form "Everyone calculates the account、Controlling costs everywhere "work normal。

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(Inventory of the district team warehouse)

The mine will be the integration management of market -oriented lean "six essence and six mention" as the "first -hand" project,The leading group of market -oriented lean integration management has been established,And equipped with a promotion commissioner at all grass -roots units,Established a business contact scheduling system。

"Cost control,The key lies,Need the correct work strategy and method。Betting on Euro 2024"Member 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceof the Mining Party Committee、Deputy General Manager、Directors Liu Yong, it seems,Only persist in problem -oriented,Take a real trick in cost control,can continuously stimulate the development vitality of the enterprise。

For this,The mine actively explores the "six essence and six mention" integration management mode,Promote cost control with lean management,Extend the cost standard to coal mining、Digging、Mechanical and Electrical、Transportation and other job links,Start from the source of production,Reasonable design working face layout,Pay attention to the comprehensive recycling rate and the "two rates" improvement of refined coal recovery rate,Make each ton of coal generate the greatest benefit、Maximum value。

"For the top ten key tasks、‘Eight Big Waste’ phenomena,Project operation method,Continue to improve on the spot、Cost control、Efficiency improvement、European Cup football resultsProcess optimization Betting on Euro 2024and other aspects of implementation of non -necessary wasteless waste project investigation activities,54 items of improvement projects from January-May,Cumulative creation of 5.03 million yuan。"This mine revolves around the bottleneck problem that accelerates the high -quality development of the ore ore,The effectiveness of the management and control of lean projects is increasingly significant。

Another,This mine is continuously improved and improved institutional guarantee,Do a good job of special fund project management,Strengthen budget management and fixed management,The optimization of the internal resource allocation、Maximize benefits,Really operating iron abacus。

(Reading the "Re -job")

"These H stands、Roller、Steel Belt,After rust removal、After plastic surgery,You can reuse it under the well。"at workshop in the Electrical and Electrical Maintenance Betting on Euro 2024Center,Workers are counting the 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancerollers recovered from underground、Organization。Old materials、Old parts are rejuvenated in the hands of employees,Re -job "job"。"In May, we fix 165 rollers、H 131 pieces、anchor 860 roots、160 roots of longitudinal beams、110 roots of welded pipe,Posted、Plastic surgery reuse,Creating effective 140,000 yuan。"Li Jundong, director of the mine and mechanical maintenance center, said。

In recent years,Liangbao Temple Coal Mine In -depth Implementation of "Calculating Account" culture under the guidance of lean management,Vigorously carry out the work of repairing the old benefits,An important assessment criterion for whether to bring economic benefits to enterprises as the value of the job,Fine cost indicators to each team and every employee。At the same time,A systematic inspection of waste materials、Appraisal、Acceptance、Evaluation、Reward and punishment assessment process。

"What to do for each material Betting on Euro 2024material、Where to use、How to use,Both recorded in the case、Clear Chu。"According to Ma Chengwei, the head of the mining management department,They continue to improve the material and material management system,Plan from material materials、Procurement、Leading、Distribution、Recycling,Each link has standardized management procedures and strict assessment standards,Ensure that the supply of materials is normal,Division of supervision。

(Coal cleaning foreign transport)

According to the director of the Mineral Coal Mass Development Center、Introduction to Jiang Xingyin, Secretary of the Party Branch,Coal distribution has always been an advantageous product and main source of profit for the coal trading market,They actively cooperate with the marketing department,Actively visit the research market,Use good service and word of mouth,Attract 2024 European Cup Live Bettingstable customers,Carefully build the "Liang Euro 2024 qualifying resultsMine -Coal" brand,Constantly improving coal quality supervision、Control、Chemical inspection、Early warning quality closed -loop management system,In May, scientifically mixed coal with 740,000 yuan。

During the washing process after the raw coal was promoted,This mine focuses on the key link of ensuring the qualified coal,Added a set of high -frequency screen at a level,Reduced coal clay 1%。Next,They will also install X -ray recognition intelligent cadres in the coal workshop,The large coal rate can be reduced from the current 2%to about 1%,It is expected to create an annual efficiency of 4.396 million yuan。

Deepening Implementation of the Integration Management Model of "Six Extraordinary and Six Make",Make Liangbao Temple coal mines more secure and stable。"Everyone is carefully calculated,Lean of everything,Stynum management from time to time,Precise and reliable 2024 European Cup Live Bettingmanagement culture everywhere "is quietly born in the mining area。 

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