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Xinyi Coal Mine: "Three Step Links" boosted party discipline learning and education for realistic results

Author: Zhang Xing  Release Date: June 11, 2024

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(Revisiting the party's oath)

Come on for even day,Luxi Mining Xinyi Coal Mine closely linked to "Ji Ji、Zhiji、Mingji、Defense "target requirements,Persist in studying "Ji"、Taking the case as a mirror、Three -step linkage with "Ji" about "Ji",Qin 掸 "Thought Dust"、Chang Si "greedy harm"、Practice "hard style",Promoting the party discipline education European Cup football 2024 European Cup Live Bettingresultsand education "see the true chapter", "movement truth", "seeking effectiveness"。

(Party members and cadres study the "Regulations")

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The focus of party discipline learning and education accurately,The mine is combined with actual,Established a work class,Formulated and issued the "Implementation Plan for Party Discipline and Education",Unified distribution of guidance books 260 sets,Carefully compile "three lists",Content covers learning courses、Typical case、Understand use、Warning education、Rectification Implementation and other indicators,Further clarify departmental responsibilities、Refined work content,Really achieve "three combinations、Grabbing in both hands、Two errors "。

Under the "three list" learning mechanism of party discipline learning and education,The mine uses the collective study of the party committee theoretical learning center group、Holding a reading class and other forms,Careful studying General European Cup football European Cup football resultsresultsSecretary Xi Jinping's important speech and important instructions for the party's discipline construction,Learn the newly revised "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China"。Members of the mine conduct discussions and exchanges around the theme of learning,Further strengthen discipline consciousness、Strengthen self -constraint、Improve immunity。At the same time,Each party branch also passes "self -study、Leading、Communication、Research "and other forms,Learn interpretation of the Regulations,Comprehensively understand the meaning of the revision of the Regulations、Content and spiritual essence,Make party members and cadres' learning coverage of 100%。

(receiving integrity warning education)

Taking the case as a mirror, often thinking "greedy harm"

Since the development of party discipline learning and education,This mine breaks a pen、A book、Traditional learning mode spoke by one person,Constantly European Cup football resultsenriching learning 2024 European Cup Live Bettingforms,Doing actual specified action and selected action。Open party discipline learning education column,Relying on platforms such as "Learning Powerful Power", "Lighthouse Classroom" and "Communist Party Member Network",Reprinted and pushed the "Regulations" content、Video diagram、Authoritative interpretation、Cases of positive and negative warning cases and other related knowledge,Help party members and cadres deeper、thorough、Master the theme and requirements of the main purpose of "six disciplines" accurately,Consciously building the ideological defense line of rejection of corruption and degeneration。

(Watch the case warning education film)

This mine also combines disciplinary party lessons with visiting the warning education base,The "clean lecture hall" and negative case commentary warning education activities,Organized party members to the Liande Education Museum of State -owned Enterprises in Jining City、Luzhou District European Cup football resultsLiande Education Base -Niu Yunzhen Memorial Euro 2024 qualifying resultsHall receives integrity warning education,Organize more than 300 people in 7 games for the educational warning film "Abyss" and "Transformation"。Through understanding、Speaking of feelings、Enlightenment,Strengthen self -constraint,Deepen the consciousness of discipline and law,Effectively help party members and cadres to tighten the ideological "general switch",Building a integrity and self -discipline "firewall"。

(Promotion Association of Party Discipline Learning and Education)

"Ji" with "Ji", "hard work"

According to the document requirements of the "Notice on Carrying out the Party Discipline and Education" documents in accordance with the party committee of the party committee,This mineral enhancement is used for conversion,All on -the -job party members are combined with their own positions,Conscious,Put your mind in、Put in the job、Put my responsibilities in,Check the self -check one by one in the same Betting on Euro 2024way,Form a list of rectifications Euro 2024 qualifying resultsfor party discipline learning and education,constantly self -discipline、Amended coordinates in the new Chinese self -province、correction bias,Let all kinds of restless points、Unrealized selfish thoughts nowhere to hide,Comprehensively improve the "Defense" ability。

At the same time,The mine actively promotes the "front -line work method",Draw the Organization Division of the Party Committee、Discipline Inspection Commission、Supervision Office、Party Affairs Staff of the Party and Mass Works Division Establishing Guidance Liaison Group,Drawing on the demonstration of party building instructor "needle -piercing leads" demonstration driving role,Follow the whole process to guide grass -roots party discipline learning and education。At the same time,Create "Zhou Summary、Week arrangement、Weekly Report "work mechanism,Submit a list of tasks every week,Help the party branch to solve practical problems,Really learn Euro 2024 qualifying resultsMingji、Euro 2024 qualifying resultsPromote reform with learning、Promote reform with learning,Promoting Discipline Disciplinary Study and Education Deep Those、Seeing the line effective。

"Comprehensive and strictly governing the party will always be on the road,We will focus on ‘learning regulations、Defense Discipline、Making outline 'work line,To persevere、Perseverance attitude,In -depth study of the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Disciplinary of the Communist Party of China" and other party rules and disciplines,Taking the party discipline as the ‘confidence’ and ‘pillar’,Guide party members and cadres to learn from、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Effectively promote the high -quality development of mines with the actual results of party discipline learning and education。"Deputy Secretary of the Mining Party Committee、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Li Bing, chairman of the trade union, said。

(Reprinting without authorization)