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New Materials Company Donghua Technology: Trilogy "Trilogy,"The Strongest Voice"

  Liu Weijie    Release Date: June 11, 2024

Since the development of 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceparty discipline learning and education,New Materials Company Donghua Technology Company Party Committee Party Committee Focus on Target Mission,Through the key minority "head geese collar learning"、"regular learning of regular meetings"、The branch group "Discussion Study"、Typical cases "Analysis of Deeper",Online and offline "Platform Push School", etc.,Promoting party discipline learning and education, seeing the job。

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Come on for even day,The company's party committee insists on learning、Learn to use what uses,Perseverance to learn the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China",Open "Discipline in the WeChat public account、Greeting force、Promoting Development "Party Disciplinary Study Education Column,Published Regulations Interpretation of 14 Articles,Education party members and cadres consciously study discipline、Follow discipline、Maintenance Discipline,Further strict political discipline and political rules。

"What can party members do? Party members must not organize secret groups to engage in the theory of the opposition party、route、policy、Policy、Resolution and split party activities,It is not possible to organize other split party activities,It is also not allowed to participate in the secret group or other split party activities ... "In order to further 2024 European Cup Live Bettingdo a good job in the education and training of active elements in the party,Develop good party members to develop the "entry level" and "quality level",The company organizes 11 party activists to carry out three -day party disciplinary study education and training,In -depth interpretation of the Regulations,Guide them to comprehensively and accurately understand and grasp the profound connotation of party discipline,At the beginning of the disciplinary learning、Strong belief、Mission。

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(Training of activists in the party)

other,The company also focuses on the production and operation of various target tasks,Surrounding the center、Services,Continuous deepening style construction,Continue to carry out the "Four Grassroots" activities。The leadership team revolves around the construction of the party style and clean government、2024 European Cup Betting Entranceparty discipline learning education、Work style construction、Safety production and other aspects of the grassroots、Enter the workshop、A total 2024 European Cup Live Bettingof 17 people in the job on the site,By grasping implementation、Difficulties、Reverse Blocking Point、Ap for relief point、Seeking breakthrough,To ensure that party discipline study and education takes a deep practice with practical actions。

Pay attention to fit and targeted forces, let learning and education "melt"

The company's party committee embeds party discipline education into the entire process of corporate compliance management,Adhere to the use of party rules and party discipline to correct the thoughts and actions of the team,Carry out the special governance of waste materials with systemic thinking,Organize the special governance "Passage Articles",Promoting clue investigation、Rectification and rectification、Jianzhang Establishing Follow Fusion、Exercise in the same direction。

"Seven aspects of the notification,We want to learn from it,Came as a ring,Against three,attracted high attention,If you do it, you will change it,No, add melancholy,European Cup football resultstruly internalize the consciousness of compliance in the heart、Externalization、CICC。"Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the company、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Chairman of the Trade Union Chen Diankun said at the special governance of waste materials。

(Learning to learn waste materials disposal of special governance notice)

The company combined with waste materials disposal process,Appraisal around scrap、On -site management、Evaluation and pricing and other aspects to go deep into the grassroots to carry out special inspections 8 games,5 suggestions for rectifications。Each unit carefully carried out the work of repairing the old and abilities in accordance with the rectification suggestions,Repair machine scraping board、A reducer、More than 400 waste accessories such as safety valves,Cumulative creation of about 250,000 yuan,Integrate 2 places for the storage site of waste materials,Optimized specification disposal process 2 items。

Rich carrier and carefully organize, let the study and education "live"

The construction of a learning -type party organization is not completed,Only when you do it。More than 50 "reshape" again departing,I encountered the "hot and hot" party disciplinary study and education,"Gongcheng" fires give full play to the effect of "head geese leading","Most of the Most" with "key minority",Through a special discussion、Micro lecture、Theme party day and other forms,Take the lead in studying the "Chinese Communist Party Constitution" and "Regulations on Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China" and other party discipline and party regulations,Persist in learning the original text、The principle of enlightenment,Give full play to the driving role of radiation,Guide cadres and workers to effectively internalize the rules and discipline into ideological consciousness and action.。

The company's party committee also focuses on the construction of party style and clean government、Safety production、2024 European Cup Live BettingMarketing Management、Logistics support and other aspects of establishing 6 lean projects,Hold 16 walls at a large wall,Turn the mirror to yourself,Baggle widely、Qun strategy group force,Deep reflecting to check the current problems and deficiencies,Concentrated consensus formulating solutions,Convert the effectiveness of 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceparty discipline learning and education into practical actions to promote the company's high -quality development。

(Carrying out the "Big Wall Conference" reflection on the inspection)

"Through brainstorm,Find a difference,In -depth reflection on the existence of problems and development bottlenecks with solving thinking,Actively exploring the method of ‘breaking ice’,Clarify the next step of work target,Talk with data,Proof of action,Formed ‘thinking in one place、Jiejieye、A good situation of Zhi Baozhi "。"The company's party committee secretary、Chairman Zhang Quan said。

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