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Tangkou Coal Industry: Broadening the branch circuit activity and creative source

  Hou Huacheng  Zhang Jitao  Sun Zhihai    Release Date: June 14, 2024

Since this year,Luci Mining Tangkou Coal Industry is the starting point of improving the integration management of the "six essence and six mention" in the "six essence and six mention" in marketization,Strengthen the concept European Cup football Betting on Euro 2024resultsof benefits,Comprehensive and strict and tight,Strict control materials、labor costs and other cost expenditures,Manage "Golden Key" with lean,Play the market cost reduction and efficiency "gold abacus",Comprehensively enhance the high -quality development vitality of the mine。

"Our district mayor is particularly careful,Lian Dao Ban、One anchor rod is considered clear ... "In the company's comprehensive excavation area,Employees talk about Zhang Tao, the head of the work area,He is a well -known "pick"。

Why is the length of the first district calculating various costs? "We are constantly increasing dugging、cost reduction strength,Persist in calculating the account、Calculate the account、Can calculate the account,Highlight ‘open source’ and ‘throbbing’ exit,Implement all members、The whole process、Comprehensive Betting on Euro 2024cost 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancecontrol,Fine cost composition,Strict assessment of rewards and punishments,It is to make the employees clear the ‘understand account’,Earn ‘rest assured money’。"Zhang Tao said。

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(Repair the reuse pipeline)

They insist on using the daily class meeting、Meeting meetings and monthly class meetings,Organization of the members of the working area and the team leader analysis of the work area、Team material use、Repair Waste and Old、Innovation and efficiency work,Strict control of the cost of various materials,Which equipment can be transferred directly,Which equipment can be repaired and then used,List by one by one。At the same time,According to "Can use the old and not receive new、Can be repaired internally、The principle of being able to repair and not scrap ",In -depth check question、Find a short board,Continue to increase 2024 European Cup Betting 2024 European Cup Betting EntranceEntrancecost control、Digging the validity of Qianchuang,Make sure that it can be provinced、Eliminate waste。

Comprehensive excavation in the area of ​​strict control of materials and expenses is a microcosm of the reduction cost of all units in Tangkou Coal Industry。In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all members to participate in cost reduction and efficiency、Active,Forms all members、The whole process、All -round cost reduction and efficiency increase pattern,The company is based on actual production,Construct a long -term mechanism for the increase and efficiency of take -off and landing,Posted on the "Comprehensive Budget Management Measures and Evaluation Measures", "Equipment Management Measures (Trial)", "Notice of Equipment Lease Management" and other mechanisms,Clarify the management responsibilities and scope of functional department,European Cup football resultsImprovement of Euro 2024 qualifying resultsmaterial recycling、Repair and other account records,To be detained、layer implementation,Forms all people to manage、Everyone will calculate the account、Good situation of implementing the implementation layer。

(Material review acceptance)

"The specific situation of the key mining head and surface through analysis and judgment,Find the demand for the material guarantee,What to do for each material material、Where to use、How to use,Both recorded in the case、Clear Chu。"Introduction of Wang Keliang, the company's business center。They insist on material consumption "daily control、Weekly report、Sentecolic control、monthly assessment "system,Plan for material materials、Procurement、Leading、Distribution、Recycling each link,Standardized management procedures,Strict assessment standards。

European Cup football resultsAt the same time,The company pays close Betting on Euro 2024attention to material management,Report through the management of the underground materials every Monday、One assessment,Focus on the recovery and assessment of large materials under the well,Effectively eliminate the phenomenon of loss of waste。At the same time,In -depth operation of clearance library,Actively take measures to coordinate all units、Department,Active idle supplies; and classify and verify the materials entry、Confirmation,Sort and analyze the existing problems,There is a basis for planning、Consumption has a quota、Reuse is arranged、Recycling has a proportion、Reuse is arranged。

To further strengthen materials、Refined dynamic control,They innovate the "menu formula" management,Establish "Tangkou Coal Company Material Management Accounts",Organize all units to fill in daily Betting on Euro 2024receipt daily、Consumption and Betting on Euro 2024inventory,The business center combed and summarized the material、Material "Spot Menu",Once the material inventory is "clear",immediately "removed",Make sure you have tracking,Recycling、Receives on the top,Inventory management at a glance、Real and effective。

"Material materials are the" necessities "for enterprises' safety production",How to do cost control without affecting normal production is a long -term job,It is a major issue related to corporate interests and long -term development,We will continue to improve the purchasing of material materials、Receive、Use、Recycling、Reuse process control system,Perseverance Tube cost、Control cost、Cost -down,Provide an internal power for the high -quality development of the enterprise。"Jia Zhenchao, deputy general manager of the company's business。

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