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Yan Mineral Energy: Live in the Foreign Life Foreign Livelihood

Author: Zhang Yue  Release Date: June 14, 2024

Watch help from the depths of the desert,To the assistance of the mountains and the sea abroad; the standardized dormitory building from the land to the complete multifunctional central leisure area with complete facilities,A piece of people's livelihood, there is no sound、Various types of cultural and sports activities are wonderful ...

Yankuang Energy Party and Government take the Shaanxi Mongolian area as an important development base and growth pole,The happiness index of improving the employees of the development unit abroad as the focus of the livelihood,High -quality response to employees' concerns,Holy cultivating people's livelihood,Sharing Development results,Passing love and hope in the same way,Happy background in the depths of the desert。

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What do you do after the employees in the foreign country? 2024 European Cup Live Betting"Put down your phone to European Cup football resultsexercise,Put down the glass to learn。"The Secretary of the Party Committee of Yankuang Energy、General Manager Xiao Yao mammos proposes earnest expectations with simple words。

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Shaanxi Mongolian area、How far away from the city,To make employees no longer monotonous,Yan Mineral Energy actively promotes the construction of people's livelihood projects,The cultural and sports centers of various units abroad are continuously completed and put into use,The supporting facilities are gradually improved。More and more employees from "position、Canteen、Dormitory "out of 3 o'clock,Hobbies are becoming more and more extensive,Bad colorful life。

When the night comes,,Shirawusu Coal Mine Culture Center ushered in the most lively moment。This building with more than 4,000 square meters,Collection of indoor stadiums、Gym、Theater、Library is equal to integration,Just like a central leisure area built in the desert,Wash and get fatigue for employees,Bringing dynamic and vitality。

The nightlife in the mining area can be opened like this: if Xi Jing,Take a cup of coffee coffee,Choose a good book,Full of the spiritual world in reading;,Cultivation of body nourishment in the stroke;,Relax and decompress in a warm environment。If you love,Go to the gym to run and iron to shape the body;、Ping Yu Pavilion in the Pingyu Pavilion is a higher;。Large -scale commercial European Cup football resultsultra -medium paid Euro 2024 qualifying resultsproject,Here you can experience one -stop experience: bring the headset in the mini KTV to pick up the microphone to show the singing voice; aiming at the puppet of the billiard room; Young artists、Sports health general,Still a good player、K Ge Daren,You can get happy here,Relax body and mind。

Employees' amateur life is also interacting with the cultural integration。In the future energy,There is a well -known employee waist drum team,To learn the essence of the northern Shaanxi waist drum,They specially invited Hengshan Yao Drum non -genetic inheritors to teach guidance,Rounding corporate pride,Put out the Employee Energy。Performance with regional characteristics,For this employee community to win the opportunity to participate in the Spring Festival Gala tour of Shandong Energy Group,Let members get full of honor。

Due to the large area of ​​the factory area、Employees are relatively decentralized,Future Energy "Seeing Setsenger Potal" style of cultural and sports places,Bring more convenience to employees。A yoga room in the dormitory building、Basketball Hall built next to the plant、Multiple distribution of fitness equipment,Meet the needs of employees nearby activities。

Improve the "hardware" level to build a home home

January 9,Shirawu Su Coal Mine No. 9 dormitory building is officially launched,Check in registration、Assign key、Receive the bedding ... Employees Betting on Euro 2024laughed and moved into the "Focusing 2024 European Cup Live BettingHouse",Enlightenment of the new dormitory building,Let the excavation first -line employees basically achieve single -player and single room。

March 25,Golden Jutan Coal Mine New 4 #、5 # Dormitory Building Cultural and Sports Activity Center Project I project,The total construction area of ​​this project is 35197 square meters,581 rooms for dormitory,It is important for improving the living conditions and quality of life of employees abroad。

April 6,7 Apartment Building No. 7 of Ronglongwan Coal Mine is officially opened,A total of 13 floors of the new apartment building,All are 2 people standard rooms,Completion of indoor supporting facilities,Equipped with 65 -inch TVs、Wireless Network,Independent bathroom,Indoor furniture is made of environmentally friendly materials。"Can live such a good new apartment,Thanks to leaders at all levels for their care and care for employees abroad,Let us feel the warmth of home,No worries,We have more confidence in the entrepreneurial entrepreneurship of Shaanxi and Mongolia! "Kong Xiangchong, an employee of the transfer of the coal mine who lived in the bag, was happy。

Yan Element "eat、Living、Xingwa "Make an article,Enhance service consciousness,Do a good job of warming the heart,Practical solution to the reasonable demands of employees,Efforts to improve and improve the living standards of employees European Cup football resultsabroad,Continuously enhance employees' sense Euro 2024 qualifying resultsof gain、Happiness、Safety。

In the future energy employee cafeteria,Big Shandong pancakes let employees find authentic taste; Yingpan Coal Mine prepares authentic Zou Chengchuan flavor for employees,The familiar taste at the door of the house; Jinji Beach Coal Mine is the first to build a smart cafeteria,Put the tray for 1 second "brush face" to eat; Inner Mongolia Mining Fengwei Optoelectronics Company solidly promotes the "Heart Warm Guarantee Project",Let employees in Gobi Beach eat healthy and hot meals,Hanging employees on my heart,Falling in "Food" ... Except rich dishes、Convenient for employees to dine outside,Foreign units are generally implemented with meals and supplementary systems,Let "Eat" a part of employee benefits。

Let people's livelihood "call" change "applause"

At the Golden Ji Beach Coal Mine Culture Center,A activity room with multiple multi -function massage chairs is welcomed by employees。After taking a bath after get off work, take a massage chair,From the soles of the feet to the shoulder and neck,Come and condition relax once a full -hearted conditioning,Working for one day of work is swept away。

This batch of massage chairs come through thousands of miles。In order to add more color to the spiritual and cultural life of employees abroad,Yan Miner Energy Trade Union carried out "love warmth abroad、Caring for "follow" condolences,European Cup football results960 electric fans to the ingredients abroad、39 units of massage chairs、European Cup football results"Sing" 10 sets,Special subsidy funds for the event up to 1 million yuan。

"These condolences are very real,provided more choices for our amateur life,I can sing two throats after class,It's really not! "The care of the company's union organization has gained the sincere praise of employees abroad。

I hope for the employee,is where the working direction of the people's livelihood。"It is recommended to set up a heart warming service station,Free help employees to collect express,Regular haircuts for employees,Switching clothes。"" Plan the parking lot in the mine as soon as possible,Install charging pile,Solve the problem of parking on employees。"From March this year,Yankuang Energy Organization carried out a centralized on -site survey in the Shaanxi Mongolia area,In the camp, coal mines,Investigators communicate face -to -face with grass -roots employees,Seek the optimal solution on the question of people's livelihood。

The grassroots level to the bottom,It is the heart of the people。Golden Jutan Coal Mine Construction of the Mine Warm Heart Service Team in the same department contact the bridge,Provide a warm -hearted service for the wife and children who stay at home,Let the employees abroad rest assured。Yulin can invite employee representatives to jointly formulate a full -year style and sports activity plan,Founding European Cup football resultsBasketball、Fishing、Calligraphy, calligraphy and other more than ten associations,Integrate European Cup football resultsthe concept of "Rujia" into every detail。The problem of marriage and love generally reflected in units generally reflected in foreign units,Ordos Company strengthened contact with surrounding units,Actively prepare for the Youth Association,Bridge with a single youth。Patrol of employee representatives、Reasonable recommendation solicitation、Employee discussions and exchanges,Each unit in foreign countries actively grasp what employees want to expect,Try to solve the blockage point in the life of employees、Difficult point、Pain points Questions,Turn the list of people's livelihood into a happy bill。

Yankuang Energy Tree is people -oriented,Continue to do a good job of "two halls and one house"、Upgrade and reconstruction of style facilities,Actively create a comfortable and comfortable working and living environment for the masses。Practical promotion of "365 · Love Warm Yoshi" warm heart volunteer service system,Focus on families of employees abroad、Empty Nest Elderly、Left -behind children warm heart help、Visit condolences、Volunteer service and other work。Upgrade Optimized and Sports Activity Position Facilities,Organization to develop positive upward、Follow the actual、Cultural and sports activities welcomed by employees and masses。A series of warm people's hearts、Huimin Euro 2024 qualifying resultsLife Measures High -quality landing,Stable happiness of employees stationed 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceabroad,Let the majority of employees share the development results of the development results。

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