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Wujia Coal Industry: Find "New" to "quality" to create a smart coal selection plant

  Chen Qing Deng Yaming    Release Date: June 17, 2024

"In the process of creating a smart coal selection plant,We minimize human factors intervention,A single -shift production organization model of '2+2+2'。Current,Coal selection 2024 European Cup Live Bettingfactories with an annual income capacity of 3 million tons,Only 65 people can run safely and efficiently ... "June 10,I entered an interview with the five -year -old coal industry coal selection of Northwest Mining, which was officially put into production this year,Deng Yaming, director of the company's coal shipbuilding center in charge of the coal selection plant, introduced the construction and current operation of the coal selection plant。

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"The machine temperature is normal、Equipment remote start -stop rate 100 %,You can start it normally ... "After the staff of the Smart Control Center of the Coal Selection Factory,Viewing the device running parameters through a large screen,After confirming the security,Gently a little fingers,Washing selection equipment runs in an orderly manner。

This year is the first year of the five -year coal industry to be transferred to the production mine,They focus on building a target of high -efficiency intelligent coal selection plant,Around "Process Sorting、Equipment Health、Safety prevention and control "three main lines,Break through the data barriers of each system,Establish a collection of data collection、Treatment、Analysis、The "Intelligent Washing Comprehensive Management and Control Platform" with decision -making is,Multi -source heterogeneous data interoperability sharing、Fusion application、Intelligent analysis decision。

The company vigorously carry out intelligent construction,They combined with the company's coal quality selection work 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceactual,Continuously optimize the parking control of Shunshin Coal Flow,The equipment of the production system is divided into several functional modules according to the nature of the process,7 PLC branch stations are installed and installed respectively。Start and stop the equipment、Environmental monitoring、Instrument and instrument signal access control,Realize remote set control of coal selection equipment、One -click start and stop,Reduce employee's labor intensity,It also reduced the air rotation time and the consumption of damaged parts。

"After the construction of intelligent remote control is completed,Compared with the traditional one -button opening parking method,Smart start -up time is reduced from 20 minutes to within 7 minutes,Calculate 1 time every 2024 European Cup Live Bettingday,It can save 161,000 yuan in electricity costs for the coal selection plant throughout the year。"Zhou Jianfang, the head of the coal selection factory, said happily。

The company is based on a coordinated plan、Implementation step by step、Grasp the key principles,To improve the quality of selected products and the economic benefits of the enterprise as the following,The entire process of closed -loop intelligent control for the implementation of Shinjie's sort。Actual actual changes for the production of raw coal,They can regulate the transport aircraft through intelligent regulation、Running frequency for coal machines,Stabilizing the amount of raw coal income,Guarantee system running parameters stable。

At the same time,They control and automatically 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceadjust the density of heavy -duty suspension through intelligent control,and the unmanned duty of the automatic medium system,Realized the full process of the entire process of the unmanned intervention。Current,The original coal realization of the raw coal below 80 mm below the mine,Re -associated with the density of the sorting of the sorting of less than 0.01 cubic centimeters,This technology has reached the leading level of the domestic industry。

"Calculate 2 times per day of manual replenishment medium,On average, it is 1.5 hours for each preparation of qualified thick aggressive solution and supplementary agency,123 artificial artificial artificially every year,Reduced labor costs of 36,900 yuan ... "Geng Chao, deputy director of the production of the company's coal 2024 European Cup Live Bettingselection plant, calculated the" economic benefits "brought about by intelligent construction to the company's cost reduction.。

"The construction of intelligent coal selection plant will always be on the road,We will deploy according to the work of energy group,Continue to explore and try intelligent technology research and application,Continuous improvement in practice,The potential generated by continuous excavation of intelligent construction,Promote the safety of enterprises、Efficient production,Maximize the profit of the profit。"Li Mingjie, deputy general manager of the company's electromechanical and electrical and electrical, said。

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