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Shandong Energy Group is the Shandong Provincial Party Committee、The Provincial Government jointly reorganized the original Yankuang Group in July 2020、Original Shandong Energy Group,Established large -scale energy enterprise group。own Yankuang Energy、New Mine Group、Jujube Mine Group, including more than 20 second -tier enterprises,11 domestic and overseas listed companies,More than 973 ownership,employee Betting on Euro 2024210,000 people。2023,Group's total assets exceeded 1 trillion yuan、Business income 852 billion yuan。Income、profit、Paying taxes ranks first in the provincial enterprise。Won the title of "National Civilized Unit",Reliable by the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council as "Corporate Governance Demonstration Enterprise"。Leading in the top 50 coal in China、Chinese Enterprise Fortune 22 -22nd、The 72nd of the World Fortune 500。Shandong Energy Group、High -end chemical、Electricity、New Energy and New Materials、High -end equipment manufacturing、Modern logistics trade is the leading industry。The production capacity of the coal industry is 340 million tons/year at home and abroad,The output ranks third in the country's coal industry,Mine intelligent production level is at the forefront of the industry,9 Mines have become the first batch of national intelligent demonstration mines。Chemical industry built Jining Coking、Lunan high -end Euro 2024 qualifying resultschemical new materials deep processing、Yulin high -end coal -making oil、New Materials of Ordos Coal -based Chemical、Xinjiang Coalization Integration "Five Great Chemical Bases",Pacing formaldehyde、Jienide、Ethylene glycol and other high -end chemical products output of 16 million tons。The power industry has built a number of large capacity、High parameter units,Existing installation and construction capacity of 16 million kilowatts。The new energy industry has established a provincial investment platform,Implementing landscape hydrogen、The integrated development of source network loads,900,000 kilowatts of sea offshore wind farm for Bozhong realizes full capacity grid -connected power generation,Become the maximum full -capacity grid -connected power generation project of the five seas wind power bases in my country's "14th Five -Year Plan"; the new material industry has calcium -based new materials、New Materials of High -end Petrochemical Industry、Fibrous and composite Betting on Euro 2024new materials and other industrial clusters,Shandong glass fiber glass fiber production capacity ranks fourth in the country,The high -end nylon industry is listed as the key support project by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology。High -end equipment manufacturing industry R & D and manufacture domestic functions、The hydraulic bracket comprehensive performance test desk with the largest loading capacity,Donghua Heavy Industry Corporation becomes a global supplier of Caterpillar Hydraulic Scholar products。Modern logistics trade industry adheres to the development of the physical industry,Have Shandong International Commodity Trading Center、Shandong Electronic Port Company、Hainan International Energy Trading Center and other trading platforms。Shandong Energy Group will conscientiously implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on making stronger and big -state enterprises,Implement the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Betting on Euro 2024government work deployment,Implementation of the reform of state -owned enterprise reforms and promotion actions,Create new productive productive forces with new industrialization。Focus on creating a new development method、New company governance、New business mechanism、Layout structure new modern new state -owned enterprise,Contributing Mountain Energy Power。Reprinting without authorization

Leadership speechChairman's Speech

colleagues、Friends from all walks of life: Thank you sincerely for your attention and support for Shandong Energy Group! Shandong Energy Group is responsible for implementing the Shandong Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government Strategic Intent,Guarantee energy safety of the whole province、Optimize energy layout、Responsibilities and mission to optimize the energy structure,2023,Group's total assets exceeded 1 trillion yuan、Business income 852 billion yuan。Income、profit、Paying taxes ranks first in the provincial enterprise。It is also the only large energy company in the country with the only large energy company with a domestic and foreign listing platforms,Business income ranks Betting on Euro 202472nd in the world's top 500,Enterprise -owned enterprises are distributed in 19 provinces (regions)、9 countries。Standing on the start of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" start、"New Starting Point" that has forged ahead of world -class enterprises,Shandong Energy Group will be guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Based on the new development stage、Implement the new development concept、Integrate into the new development pattern,Adhere to the existence of the stock optimization and the incremental leapfrog,Be more heartless, make great mining、Electricity、High -end chemical、High -end equipment manufacturing、New Energy and New Materials、Modern Logistics Trade "Six Leading Industries",Promoting development method、Management and control method、"Three Transformations" of the production organization method,Strive to compose a new chapter of high -quality development of Shandong Energy Group,"Fourteen Five -Year Plan" at the end of the "Double 2024 European Cup Live Bettingtrillion Enterprise Group",Accelerate the creation of clean energy suppliers and world -class enterprises。growth and development of Shandong Energy Group,Leaders at all levels、concern and support of colleagues and all sectors of society。Here,I want all the employees of the group,Welcome everyone to visit Shandong Energy Group to visit for inspection、Cooperative Industry、Together development! Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei