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Shandong Energy Group Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group conducts collective study discussions

Author: Li Jing Zhang Bo  Release Date: May 20, 2024

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This website News May 20th,Shandong Energy Group Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group held a meeting,In -depth Euro 2024 qualifying resultsLearning European Cup football resultsand List of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important ideas on Internet power、"Implementation Rules for the Implementation of the Party Committee (Party Group) Network Ideological Work Responsibility System"、"Regulations on the Work of the Communist Party of China"、"Regulations on Propaganda"、Shandong SASAC "Notice on Further Strengthening Public Opinion Prevention and Control Work",Study on the "Implementation of the Responsibility System of ideology"。

Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei presided over the meeting and spoke。He pointed out,Recent,The Party Committee of the Provincial State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission supervises the party discipline 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceand education Euro 2024 qualifying resultswork of Shandong Energy Group,Organs at all levels must conscientiously implement the requirements of the supervision team,Adhere to high standards、Strict requirements、Stand up head,Always take learning as the focus,Practice as the standard,Taking the target with the lead,Pay close attention to the implementation of party discipline learning and education measures。

Li Wei emphasized,Party members and cadres at all levels, especially party members and leading cadres,To thoroughly learn Xi Jinping's cultural thought、General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on ideology and network ideology,Clarify the positioning and responsibilities of your own ideological Euro 2024 qualifying resultswork responsibility system,2024 European Cup Live BettingEffective responsibility for responsibility,Make sure to carry out ideological work within the scope of responsibility、Implementation。To persist at the first level and grasp level、Work ideas of implementing implementation,Strict implementation of level responsibility、Land management and other working system,Give full play to the role of the party committee's ideology and publicity and ideological work leading group,Strengthening quarterly ideological work will be disciplined、Monthly public opinion work will discuss the effectiveness of the business,Practical prevention and treatment of hidden dangers in the area of ​​ideology。It is necessary to effectively Euro 2024 qualifying resultsstrengthen publicity and ideological Betting on Euro 2024and cultural construction,Doing and deep positive publicity、Ideological Guidance、Solving doubts,Give full play to the role of unity and stability,Unify the employee thoughts and actions to the work deployment of the party committee,Provide a strong ideological guarantee for the deepening of state -owned enterprise reform。

Li Wei request,We must adhere to the development of network security and informatization,According to "Unified Leaders、Hierarchical Management "principle,Establish and improve the security guarantee system of network and information system,Improve the security protection ability of network and information system。To give full play to the 2024 European Cup Live Bettinggroup industry and industry advantages,European Cup football resultsAccelerate the intelligent upgrade of equipment,Industry benchmark for intelligent construction。To accelerate the development of the number of real integration,Give full play to the advantages of various management systems,Breaking data barriers,Give full play to the maximum efficacy of data resources,Under the premise of ensuring safety,Realize data creation effect。To adhere to the principle of party management and media,Continue to strengthen the dual management of news propaganda,Continuous promotion of positive energy,Establish a brand of Shandong Energy Group。To further strengthen the construction of online public opinion monitoring and online review guidance 2024 European Cup Live Bettingteam,Active setting topics,Actively guide the trend of public opinion,2024 European Cup Live BettingFurther build a strong network public opinion position,Formation of a network public opinion environment that is conducive to corporate reform and development。

Director of Shandong Energy Group Zhou Hong、Zhang Ruoxiang、Jiao Qisheng、Liu Jian、Rugang、Liu Qiang、Hou Yugang,Members of the Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group participated in learning。